Adam Luckey

Whats up guys! So.. where to start... Well first of all, I absolutely love helping entrepreneurs live a high quality of life. Not just in business but personally, relationally, and spiritually.

I understand the demands that come from chosing to live the life of an entrepreneur. The challenging dynamic of creating something new in the world, the long hours, the limiting beliefs, and oh the sweet financial rewards of success!

I started my first business at 24. It's my fitness business I still run today in my hometown of Murrieta, CA. I never wanted to work for anyone else and I wanted to create a profit out of my passion. Like many entrepreneurs I was so focused on building my business I let my health go. I also didn't make time for meaningful relationships or time to simply enjoy life.

I did however enjoy helping people transform their bodies and their lives. But I knew there was more to life I was missing. This hunger lead me down a path of spiritual growth like never before. I was burnt out and I didn't feel like I was operating from a deep place of authenticity.

I went through a transformational journey where I discovered more of who I truly am. Lots of tears, counseling, and joyous encounters with the love of God lead me to a place where I finally felt content with me. No more striving or comparing myself to others. (I still do this at times however)

Through this journey I discoverd my passions, strengths, weaknesses and ultimately... My authentic self. I will forever be discovering more of this but I am more connected to my heart now more than ever.

Now I am following my calling to help entrepreneurs live an extraordinary quality of life. As a life coach I help you thrive holistically. Because success is not just monetary, its relational, spiritual, emotional, physical. Its my joy to be apart of your journey!


Kaylee Luckey 

Hello beautiful people! My name is Kaylee Luckey and I love Jesus tremendously! I want everything I do to make him proud! Including the way I worship Him with my health and fitness!

I use to be addicted to sugar, ice cream and cookie dough especially. I struggled with emotional eating during stressful seasons of my life and went to food as a coping mechanism. My weight reflected my health, which was basically non-existent. Through a wonderful journey with the Lord, learning self-control, and to love myself through it all I have been able to get in the best shape of my life and completely off of sugar and food addictions!

I am extremely passionate about seeing woman learn to love themselves, celebrate their beauty and uniqueness, and thrive in life with vitality, energy, and JOY! I have a deep desire to empower others to lay hold of their dreams, find freedom in every area of life, and include God in on it all!

I grew up in Washington state where my parents have been foster parents for the past 18 years. I adore children and believe my greatest gift next to Adam will be serving as a loving mother!

Thank you for the honor to speak into your life, for sharing your time with us, and joining us on this journey of becoming whole and living well, spirit, soul, and body!

About Luckey Living

                            #LIVE WELL

                            #LIVE WELL

Luckey Living was birthed out of our desire to help people live life well. We believe an amazing life is holisitcally designed. To us, success isn't just about money. Its about living a life of purpsose. A life full of deep and meaningful connections with others. A life thats lived from the heart!

We seek to share everything we have learned from our pursuit of the abundant life. We sure don't have it all figured out. We don't claim to be experts. Just a couple of peas in a pod that LOVE LIFE!

We hope that as we share our real and authentic life you will be inspried to BE the best version of YOU. A confident, healthy, passionate human being!

You can expect to find programs, services, and blog posts that will help you live life well. Topics such as emotinal well being, authenticity, the supernatural, growing our spiritual connection to God, understanding our identity as God's children, freedom from guilt and shame, nutritional advice, delicious and healthy recipes, and much much more!

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