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Stop sabotaging your success, create empowering beliefs, and obtain lasting transformation!


True change starts from within!


Science tells us that 80% of our behavior comes from the subconscious mind.  This is the place where we hold our self image, self esteem, and what we believe about ourselves.  If we believe deep down inside that we are just the type of person that eats junk food and isn't really healthy then guess what?  Your life will never be healthy!  


What you believe about WHO you are will control your behavior and your life. 


Before I started Luckey Fitness and Fit Body Bootcamp after graduating college in 2011, I had this belief that I just wasn’t the coach type of person.  I wasn’t good at encouraging others I was the type of person that just kept to themselves.  I was the football player who just, “did his own thing” and didn’t really concern myself with motivating and leading the team.  


This held me back from truly helping people.  Even my current friends confirmed I wasn’t going to be good at this. 


I could have let these thoughts DEFINE me but my desire to serve caused me to overcome those limiting beliefs.  I realized I needed to focus on transforming the way I perceived myself.  So I began a journey of transformation that focused on my inner world.  I listened to Tony Robbins, read books on changing my mindset, prayed, meditated, and hired coaches to help me breakthrough my limiting beliefs. 


It didn't all happen at once but eventually I let go of the old limiting beliefs.  I began to see myself differently! The crazy thing is that being a coach is who I truly was all along!  


This is where I discovered my true passion is to help people transform their lives at the core of their being.  At the identity and mindset level.  This is where amazing things happen.  When we change our core beliefs we stop sabotaging our success.  When we line up our thoughts and beliefs with the truth of who we TRULY are then miracles begin to happen. 


So my question to you is what limiting thoughts and beliefs are you holding onto?  lets work together to create a bold new identity for yourself.  Lets create some empowering beliefs that will serve you instead of hinder you!

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