Creating A Healthy Relationship With Food

Coaching Program 


Do you need some extra help dialing in your nutrition habits?  Maybe you are tired of working so hard to see little to no results in your health and fitness.  

We have all heard that abs are made in the kitchen and its totally true! 

Its also true that we can never out train a bad diet.  

We all need a coach in our corner, that listening ear, someone to help us stay on track and problem solve!

As a certified holistic nutritionist, I am here to help you create a healthy relationship with food, work at your own pace, and focus on what YOU need.

For me, that means no more turning to the ice cream or any other food to stuff those negative emotions.  

It looks like having discipline, a plan that works, and especially a variety of food that you can enjoy!


It use to be my normal to struggle with emotional eating.  Ben and Jerry's was my go to for a source of comfort.   It all caught up to me when I found myself 25lbs overweight. I was uncomfortable, disappointed in myself, and lacking the confidence to make a change.  I tried lots of different things, but never stayed consistent. Man do I wish I had a coach back then!




Thank God, I hit my breaking point! Something inside of me had enough.  I was tired of being a victim.  I was ready to change, and not just change but stay consistent with my changes.   I decided to go completely off sugar and eat plant based.   More than that I decided I was going to get certified as a holistic nutritionist so that I could help other people with the same struggles!


 I learned a LOT about myself a long the way, that my relationship with food had more to do with my emotions than I had ever realized, and the power of changing my thought life. Now I have the privilege of helping others get breakthrough by creating a healthy relationship with food! 

Some things we usually cover in our coaching relationship:


  • Overcoming emotional eating.  Learning the key foundations to processing emotion in a healthy way.
  • Custom meal planning and recipes with foods you enjoy.  
  • Listening to your body and finding foods that work for you.
  • Clearing up the confusion as to what is really healthy and what is not.
  • Tracking your energy and creating an action plan based on goals you set.
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs holding you back from achieving the healthy life you deserve. 


Are you ready to go from,"I'll start tomorrow," to living your healthy life  today?  


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