Change Your Mind To Own Your Life!

An Introductory Coaching Course 


In order to have success in any area of our lives we need to be deeply rooted.  Here are 6 core mindsets that will empower you to have freedom and fulfillment, whether you're going after better health, increased income, or thriving relationships!  

Tap into unlimited motivation!

This module is all about helping you tap into the power of motivation.  We all know how it feels when your connected to your motives.  There are 2 different types of motivation. One requires willpower the other is effortless.   This module will help you connect with your core desire so you wake up with passion when it comes to your health and fitness goals.   

When you know YOUR reason why you want something you will figure out the how. Your why is the absolute starting place for success in creating the body you desire.  

Know your true worth

Discover a deeper sense of your own personal worthiness.    This module gives you practical tools to grow your sense of worth so you can receive into your life the dreams and desires of your heart.   No more self sabotaging your goals when you understand your worth it!   

Harnessing the power of vision


Having vision pulls you into the future. When we lack vision we lose all motivation and energy to create the life we want. You gotta see it before you can achieve it.  This coaching module will give you the steps and strategies to tap into the power of vision.

Creating healthy habits

We have all heard that it takes 21 days to establish a new habit.  Its true!  Eating clean, exercising consistently, taking time to rest, being kind to yourself, staying in hope... These are all habits.  This module teaches you how to cultivate these habits without focusing on all of your bad ones.  It shows you how to put your success on autopilot.  

Silencing the inner critic


We all struggle with that little gremlin in our heads that say things like, "I'll never lose the weight I just don't have what it takes." "I've tried everything, what makes me think this will help." "I just like food to much."

This module gives you the tools and awareness to silence the critic.  It shows you how to be kind to yourself, to be your biggest cheerleader.  

Being SHame Resilient


Shame is the voice that tells us we are never good enough.  That at the core of our being we aren't lovable or worth it.   Shame causes us to hide... Once identifying our shame triggers we can be free to be our true self.  Many of our clients report that the weight begins to fall off as a result of dealing with shame.  



  • THe introductory COACHING COURSE IS ON DEMAND.  MEANING YOU get to GO AT YOUR OWN PACE.  we recommend taking your time and doing one per week. 

  • The activations at the end of each video are designed to help you implement these core mindsets and make them your own. This is the most important part.

  • each video ends with a prayer and a declaration because we believe that its the grace of god that will help you reach your goals. 

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