Finally lose that 20 lbs, and KEEP it off for GOOD!

Dear busy mom, minister, businessman, overweight dad, or anyone who wants to lose weight once and for all without fad diets or gimmicks. Here is my story of how I overcame poor beliefs and habits in my health journey and became healthy and happy.

- Kaylee Luckey

There I was, 25 lbs. overweight, walking back to the freezer. It was probably the third or fourth time that night. I found myself deciding between the frozen cookie dough or the almost demolished gallon of ice cream. Sadly, this was an all too familiar evening for me. For years I had been on a type of health journey with no real consistency or sustainability. I would try to get in shape and then fail, try again, and fail again. 

During this time, I slowly become more and more addicted to sugar and emotional eating. I was out of control! Or so my thoughts told me. My thoughts were constantly telling me that I was, “Not self-controlled, lacking discipline, the junk-food girl, the friend who could inhale a batch of cookie dough in one night.”  

Who was I to disagree? There was so much evidence backing up these thoughts. The pain of failing over and over again was too much, so I began to tell myself I didn’t care. It was less disappointing to tell myself my health didn’t really matter to me. See, the problem was I stopped believing in myself all together. I identified with the lies and limitations I, and others, placed on myself. By partnering with my past failures and convincing myself I didn’t care, I was held in bondage to an unhealthy life.

Above all, I didn’t believe I could change. 

I finally came to a place where I realized I had to be honest with myself. I knew this wasn’t what I was created for. I decided that these negative thoughts couldn't tell me who I am, and that I truly am a powerful person. That began a new journey of learning to believe in myself. I started running again, but I was still hard on myself. I would beat myself up when I wasn’t consistent. I tried eating healthy but wouldn’t get enough calories and would end up crashing at the end of the day… Back to the brownies… 

I eventually turned to journaling to process the deeper disappointments that were holding me back. Through journaling, I was able to identify the limiting beliefs and negative self-talk. That’s when I realized that the enemy was terrified of me becoming all that God created me to be. He was working against me through negative self-talk, limiting beliefs, fear, insecurity, disappointment, and shame.

For years I was up and down, trying and failing. It was a vicious cycle. But, when I figured out the power of changing my thinking, I finally started to break free from the chains. I finally learned how to love my body. I realized that it was my thoughts that kept me overweight and unhealthy.

Even though I thought I tried everything out there to get in shape, the real problem was the way I thought and felt about myself. Once I realized I truly did have self-control, that I was a healthy person no matter my past failures, and I did have everything it takes to reach my goals, the craziest thing happened. The weight just started falling off! I am happy to say that I have lost 25lbs. It didn’t happen overnight but I am now able to keep it off for good because I addressed the root of the matter, my thoughts and beliefs! 

I knew that when I lost weight I would like the way I looked more, but I didn’t realize how much confidence I would gain. 

I realized that I could do what I put my mind to and that I did have self control. It felt amazing! I was finally looking in the mirror and not zooming in on what I needed to change. I was loving myself! I felt so proud and accomplished! Plus, my husband thought I was looking damn sexy. 

My Husband and I own and operate our local bootcamp business here in So Cal where we have helped thousands transform their bodies! 


 We wanted to help more people so we developed The Love Your Body Bootcamp 6 week challenge.  So no matter where you are you can benefit from our combined knowledge and experience in transformation!

What has taken my husband and I years to formulate, we plan to give you in this 6 week challenge!  No more yo-yo dieting, feeling unattractive and bloated. It's going to give you all the tools you need to not only lose that 20 lbs., but keep it off, once and for all!

This isn’t an overnight weight loss program, it requires hard work. And frankly, we don’t want to work with people who want to take a magic pill to lose weight. We want to help people that are ready to give it their all.

Client Testimonies

Gretchen started our program at 175 lbs. and had a decent amount of motivation. This is what she had to say,

“The weight is falling off!!!!! In skinnier today than I was last night!!! I'm burning calories in my sleep!!! Gonna weigh in today!!! What?!?!?! I think it was the shame!!! Me trying to hide behind myself!!! Woah!!?”

and the next day…

“Weighed in at 155!!!!! That's 1 lb./day. Officially 20 lbs. released! My true self is being revealed! And I'm seriously not trying or thinking about it! I'm just watching it fall off!!!”




- Helen -
Lost 25 lbs and counting!!





- Kaylee luckey -
LOST 25lbs!





- Justin bryant -








6 weeks of Personally Designed HIIT workouts!

It takes a race car's motor a long time to cool down after it shuts off, our bodies are the same. They remain in fat-burning mode for up to 48 hours after you're done working out. This is the power of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

  • 30 minute workouts. Don't waste countless hours on a treadmill.
  • No gym or weights required.
  • Smart phone app and online platform to receive your workouts, track your progress.  
  • Designed specifically for fat loss and muscle toning.
  • Video demonstrations for each exercise to help you with proper form.

6 Weekly Mindset Coaching Videos

The way we think is the foundation to lasting weight loss transformation. These mind-renewing video exercises will create a foundation to sustain your new healthy lifestyle by identifying the limiting beliefs and using grace infused techniques to renew your mind with powerful truths. 

  • Put your success on autopilot.
  • Overcome emotional barriers
  • New Video For Each Week.

The Secret To Effortless Motivation

The Power of Vision

You Are Worth Your Best Body!

Habits- Auto-Pilot Success

Celebrating Your Progress and Journey

Overcoming Shame To Release The Weight


6 Week Nutrition Plan

Working with thousands of clients since 2010 we have found that it is IMPOSSIBLE to out train a bad diet.  We provide for you a simple holistic nutrition plan designed to taste good while providing optimal nutrients to your body.

  • 6 week meal plan complete with recipes and grocery list.
  • Save precious mental energy, just read it and eat it.
  • Learn how to eat clean.

If all this challenge did was help you truly and deeply love yourself…  

Would it be worth it?  

If all it did was help you FINALLY keep the weight off once and for all…

Would it be worth it? 

Our normal price for this kind of comprehensive Program would be:


Your price right now for the entire 6 week challenge:

$97 $37


The Bootcamp Is a Go at Your Own Pace Program.  Start as Soon as You Want.  


We know you're going to love it, but if for some weird case it's not working out for you, you can get a full refund within the first two weeks! After 2 weeks it is non-refundable. 


Six weeks from now you could be in shape, confident, energized, and full of momentum! Or, you could stay just where you're at, nice and comfortable… The choice is yours!

With your Purchase you receive:

  • 6 weeks of Online fat loss workouts

  • 6 week nutrition plan, complete with recipes and meal plans

  • 6 weekly coaching videos 

  • Access TO Private Love your body bootcamp Facebook Community


  • Unlimited email coaching with Kaylee and Adam.

1 Easy Payment of

$97 $37

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