Imagine if you never went to the refrigerator for answers again. Imagine looking in the mirror and exuding confidence, loving the person looking back at you, and finally being free from the cycle of emotional eating.


Hey There Busy Mom,Successful Entrepreneur, Working College Student, or Anyone Who Desires To Create a  Liberating Relationship With Food and Their Body:


Are you ready to end the struggle with emotional eating!?   If you are reading this, than I'm guessing this is not the first place you have looked to find freedom. I'm sure you already know how to lose weight.  You may have lost it and gained it all back many times over?  Have you have tried all the diet plans and still find yourself feeling out of control when it comes to the food you eat, your body image, or what you see on the scale?



I have good news for you. You're not alone! The answer isn't that you need more willpower or bully yourself into change.  

The Eat Well, Live Free coaching course is not another diet plan. 


removing the veil of emotional eating



Its about getting to the root of our food addictions.  Its about healing our souls so we can be free from the vicious cycle of emotional eating. It's time to address the deeper issues of what is going on, not just trying to fix the symptoms. The symptoms will heal themselves when we get to the root of the problem.


We have all been there, turning to food when times get tough.  But most of us don't realize that the food isn't the problem! Yes, sugar is yummy and cheeseburgers will always have their appeal, but when we have a healthy relationship with food we realize that it was never the bad guy in the first place!

This Video Course Is For You If...

  • You find yourself "knowing" all the right things to do but can't seem to stick with them. 
  • You are ready to have that body confidence you know you deserve! 
  • You feel stuck in your current heath goals.
  • You find yourself turning to the refrigerator or raiding the pantry after a stressful situation or rough relational encounter.
  • You seem to have success in so many other areas but get hung up when it comes to your eating habits.
  • You DO NOT want to do another diet program. 

Eat Well Live Free Teaches You How To:

  • Discover the reasons WHY you overeat. 
  • Get freedom to savor and enjoy food without guilt!
  • Create a fulfilling life so you don’t have to fill it with food!
  • Break free from the chains of guilt, shame, and food obsession
  • Discover how to feed your deeper emotional hungers.
  • Get the practical step by step formula to processing difficult emotions like hurt, anger, frustration, and sadness without turning to food. 
  • Take the spiritual approach to emotional eating.


What's Included...

 Module 1: owning your story

We all start somewhere! Understand the power of being real with yourself, owning your story and embracing the journey just where you are at! 


Module 2:The cycle of emotional eating

 The breakdown of the Cycle of Emotional Eating compared to the Cycle of Breaking Free. This helps build the framework for the rest of the course!

Module 3: Triggers

What triggers you? Hear personal stories and examples of real life triggers, especially the ones no one talks about, and learn to identify your own.

Module 4: from the inside, out

This video will change your life! Learn self-awareness for on a whole new level, how to address our internal worlds, deal with shame and negative self-talk. Plus, the reason why this may be your biggest breakthrough yet!

module 5: connecting with god

Getting rid of the "blah" feeling, the mundane and discovering passion once again! Why our spirituality is directly related to our relationship with food and our fulfillment in life.

Module 6: quality of life

When life sucks, we have very few reasons to even want to take ownership over our relationship with food. Learn how to create a quality of life that will leave you forgetting about that craving and running out the door for adventures!

Module 7: the power of routine

We've all heard it, failing to plan is planning to fail. Here are practical steps to thrive even on our emotional days where we want to eat the whole bag, box, or gallon.

Module 8: your healthy toolbox

What do I do now? Taking it all in and living it out. Set yourself up for success by using practical tools to love yourself and your body through the whole journey!

*Bonus Class*

This best selling course includes 6 powerful core values that will give you the practical mindsets to help you achieve your goals.  We believe that with the right thinking you can accomplish anything.  This class gives you the empowering mindsets you need to achieve your dreams. 

Topics include:

1. Learning how to celebrate your progress. 
2. Harnessing the power of your imagination and vision to activate your faith. 


What Others Are Saying...

"I began working with Kaylee two months ago, when I was at a point of desperation with my health journey. When I reached out, I was 80+ lbs overweight, but I was not looking for another health plan or product. Rather, I was looking for someone to help unlock the chains surrounding my heart and mind, preventing me from working on me!

I literally was in tears on our first call, but they were tears of relief. Kaylee has helped me understand that God made me a vibrant, incredible woman, and He never called me to shame myself into giving up on me.

I love how she not only addresses the spiritual aspect of my health journey, but she accepts where I am on my journey each week, and encourages me by setting goals and praying with me for my success. She has a heart for people and a heart for health, and I am so grateful our paths have crossed and for her help on my journey to becoming the healthiest, most vibrant woman I have ever known!"

Kristi B.

What Do You Get With The Eat Well Live Free Course?


With your Purchase you receive:

  • 8 COACHING Modules

  • 8 activation exercises 

  • Lifetime access to the content

  • PDF workbook


  • 30 Day Recipe Book($100 Value) 

  • Access to our "change your mindset, own your life course" ($100 Value) 


Your Exculsive Price:

$197 $97

2 Easy Payments of


How Does This Work? 


  • Your video course starts INSTANTLY!  This "learn at your own pace" course puts you in the driver's seat.  

  • As soon as your checkout is complete your login details will be emailed to you. 

  • The course is designed to do 1 video a week.  However, you will have full access to all the videos immediately. 


Kaylee's 100% personal Guarantee!


This comes with my *no-risk, 30 day unconditional money back guarantee*.  I am so convinced that you will have results and be satisfied with this class, i'm willing to take the risk of letting you attend the entire class, and then decide if it was for you.  *You Have Nothing To Lose* 

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