The Key To Lasting Fitness (Part 1)

Hey there, hope your day is going great and you enjoy this post. I wanted to let yall know that lasting weight loss and true health comes from within. Thats where it all starts. and I am going to prove it to you right now... First of all, if you are overweight or just plain out of shape, its not you fault! You have been a victim. A victim of devious marketing plots to make you buy hopeless dreams.

I dunno about you but Im tired of being scammed by these corporations. So I am here to give you the truth about lasting weight loss, and the truth about how to truly look good and feel good from the inside out once and for all.

I know what your thinking… He is gonna give me some sort of nonsense about being motivated and dedicated. Or maybe your thinking Im gonna share with you some new exercise program that is gonna make you lose 10 lbs overnight. Or… I can tell you that I have found the new “weight loss” supplement guaranteed to get you results or your money back.

We all know nobody ever uses those money back gurantees. Marketers know that we are so frickin lazy that 90% will never use the money back gurantee. They also know we naturally want to find the quick fix. So they prey on our desire to look good and feel good while promising results for only $19.99.

Companies spend millions of dollars and hire the top psychologists to understand human behavior and what makes us buy stuff. It is our responsibility to wake up and become aware of their evil ploys! Muahaha (That’s them laughing at us)

Im not to fond of being laughed at how about you?

Lets not be the victims anymore ey?

Alright I have a point here and Im getting to it...

THE KEY to getting what you what and keeping it forever. No hype, no hoopla, no crap. This is what it takes and it is going to take work. Yep that’s right, your actually gonna have to put in an effort. :)

The key is something you already have in you. We use it every day, well at least most of us do.

Ok, so this master key is simple, especially mine... Its your MIND

Your mind can be your best friend or your greatest enemy.

The choice is yours. The thing is, most of us do NOT UNDERSTAND the power that lies in our mind. We live in a ZOMBIE state getting caught up in the day to day stuff. We are so caught up that we are unaware of the thoughts that influence us. We are so fast paced that we don’t slow down to reflect on what is going on inside of us.

Lets change that, whattya say? Good I thought youd want to!

The first step to unleashing your power is to gain understanding. We should seek to understand how all this stuff works within us. Then you can make real lasting changes in your life.

There is a reason why the RICHEST and WISEST man that has ever walked the face of the earth (King Solomon) said that to get UNDERSTANDING is to be chosen rather than silver.

That kind of shows you how important it is to have this. So much so, that he would rather have it over money.

When you understand who you truly are, you will no longer accept being overweight or out of shape. The chains of mediocrity will be broken over you. You will realize that YOU DESERVE a happy, healthy, purposeful life. It is your GOD given right!

So how do you use your mind to create the most awesome you?

1. Understand your inner game.

In order to achieve optimal fitness and obtain true happiness forever and ever you must recognize how the ol noggin works.

This next lil tid bit of info blew my mind...

Your subconscious mind accounts for 83% of your brain mass and is responsible for 98% of your perceptions and behaviors, including habits, beliefs, self-image, and personality. So if we are not aware of what goes on in our subconscious then we are pretty much zombies.

EVERYTHING that is in our subconscious gets there from education, conditioning, and repetition.

So all the stuff we learned growing up through school, parents, television, or any other external influence has been shoved into our head unwillingly and we are forced to believe it.

Heres another good one:

The subconscious does not know the difference between whats true and whats not. Every thought you think and every picture imagined is perceived as real! This will eventually manifest into your physical world. (No this is aint no new age stuff)

So how does this work against you? If every time you look in the mirror and FOCUS on how fat you are, you are subconsciously affirming thist fact and your behaviors are now gonna be those that keep you fat. You are going to keep eating that yummy chocolate, you wont consistently exercise, nor will you go to a fitness expert to get any help.

If ya grew up with your friends and family telling you that your fat and you should just accept it then your gonna really beleive that stuff.

Your beliefs are so powerful that you will never do anything that conflicts with them. 

So if you have a negative belief system... your screwd!

LOL Unless...

There were a way to re program that baby with TRUTH!

What is truth?  Some may say there is no absolute truth.  But if you believe that then you absolutely believe there is no absolute truth.  A lil conflicting there...

Truth is straight up love! So get some of that in yo life! 

Sorry... Had to get ghetto real quick...

But really, you gotta love yourself.  Its for your own good.  If you never fill yourself up, then you wont have anything to give to anyone else.  Thats just not fair.

 King Solomon  said, "As a man thinks in his heart, so is he."

Take control of your thoughts! You may not be able to control the crazy thoughts that come in, but you can for sure monitor what stays in there. Replace the ugly ones with lovely ones.

You are a conqueror, you are beautiful, you are unique and there is no one else in this world like you. Like a snowflake dangit! :)

But Adam, I am fat right now, how can I not see that when I look in the mirror? Its who I am and your not living in the real world if you say otherwise.

Ok, the truth is that where you are at now does not dictate where you are going. That’s the beautiful part, you will spend the rest of your life in the future so you mine as well make it a good one.

You must BELIEVE that your future holds something much greater. And by FAITH you will get there!

But Adam I am stuck in this rut and I cant seem to get out of the cycle, I have always been fat and everything I have tried has failed.

If you really believe that then the sad thing is that you wont ever lose weight. That’s the power of belief.

So how do you change then if your past and present have held you down? Walk by Faith and not by sight baby! Ya!! (That one gets me jacked up as you can tell)

Start using your imagination to see the new, sexy, healthy, confident you by faith.

You see, when you have faith, there is not a doubt in your mind that you will get there sooner or later. It is pure confidence and its an amazing thing.

Here’s another hardcore truth principle that when you grasp it, the bulb won’t just pop on in your head. There will be a frickin aurora light show of revelation going on up there!

Jesus Christ talked about in order to receive something, you must first ASK, then you RECEIVE. simple right? And it is, the only problem is that we like to overcomplicate things with all our reasons why not. He does throw in a lil stipulation though. He adds that you must BELIEVE you have received it and NOT DOUBT in your heart. Ah ha! Here we go with faith again.

I know, this is some spiritual stuff. But its just the way this world works. They are principles that apply to every human being on this earth.

Sooo… We now have some understanding on how our mind operates, and a lil crash course on the things unseen.

Now to ensure that we can reprogram our mind to think correctly you gotta practice daily.

Heres a lil something the great apostle paul wrote: Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.


The patterns of this world are so limiting and destructive. But if you start renewing your mind daily with pure thoughts and spiritual truths, then you just watch how your life will be transformed.

Your now gonna become more and more aware of the thoughts that flow through your head at any given time, you will notice the ones that don’t serve you and the ones that make you feel empowered. Chose to focus on the latter!

Just know that you are not alone, you have a helper (Creator of the Universe) that will guide you on your journey... Yes he is real and very alive

Understand that it is a process and you do not have to change overnight. Actually, the fact that you are now aware of these things will allow your mind to naturally find a solution.

Build upon this foundation for now and in part two I will have some tools for you to use and implement to get you closer to the new you!

To live life to the fullest you must have a fit mind, a fit spirit, and a fit body. Balance! You know... that ying yang stuff. :)

So stand with me and take control! Live your life by Design, not Default!

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