Make your Dream a Reality

Hey there! I hope your week is going awesome and you find something in this post just for you. I only really like to share something if I know I have experienced it for myself.  And this topic here is one of my favorites!

As a man of faith, I believe that our efforts only go far. There are some things that when turned over to the mighty hand of God, are prospered beyond what we could ever imagine.


The ball is in your court on this one.

Whether or not you decide to take the ball and make a GOAL with it is up to you.

This whole post resides around how to truly make your dream an actuality. ITs all about getting stuff done.

So lets get in it...

First, I hope you have a dream or a vision for all areas in your life.  If not, stop, take some time and dream BIG! Discover what you really really want, and don't let the lie of guilt hold you back.  Refuse to allow that thought of "I dont deserve that" take hold in your mind.

Getting clear on what you want is great, and dreaming big is even better!  Lets not stop their though, or you will be one of those dreamers that never saw it actualize.

Lets use someone that is overweight that has a desire to be fit, healthy, strong and full of energy as an example.  You will want to start out by visualizing  how you want to look and feel.

What will others say about you?  What will you think about yourself? What level of confidence and swagger will you walk with when you reach your goals?

Try to use as much detail when imagining the new you.  Vividly picture these things until you are bursting with motivation!

Then take those pictures and really feel it as if you have it now!

This may all seem crazy, but if you want different results, then do something different.

Those who walk in faith are always criticized and called crazy.  Are you gonna let other people decide your future?

Operating out of faith is an amazing place to walk.  You are acting as if you already have that very thing you so desire.  This is the only way we can have those things which we desire. We must be fully persuaded that which those things we want will be ours, its just a matter of time.

We all operate in this in some areas in our life.

For example,  you know that if your in a plane that is about to take off, its darn sure gonna fly because its gonna supercede the law of gravity with the law of lift.  You have full confidence that the plane is going to take off, even though you may not know exactly how a big hunk of metal can glide through the air so effortlessly.

This is the kind of confidence we need to have daily about the things we are believeing for.

You must have a relentless pursuit of your dream, and being bold as a lion, you will not give up!

In my past I discovered the power of this and applied it to football.  When I would visualize performing the most outrageous moves with power and elegance, I would begin to feel confidence rising inside of me.  My nerves would calm and I knew that I was going to make exactly what I saw inside of me a reality.

And it came true,  when I stepped out onto the field with that mindset I would have my best games ever.

Now of course, I had to sustain this focus or I would lose my confidence.

Its been said you lose focus by two things:

  1. Fear of the danger that lies ahead (Big ol linebackers trying to take your head off)
  2. Greed (wanting to score the touchdown before you have caught the ball)

I found this very profound because it applies to all aspects of life.


Most of us make decisions based on FEAR and GREED.  You may be afraid to actually try to lose weight and get fit because you have "failed" at it before and "nothing works."

The truth is that you can and will if you fully committ yourself to doing whatever it takes!

So mentally we gotta use our imagination for good, and keep focused by keeping our head filled with thoughts that serve us. I know at times, thoughts that hinder you will sneak their way into your head, the trick is striking them from your mind immediately without dwelling on them.

Now lets head down deeper into this rabbit hole :)

This next aspect is the facilitator of your dream, it is what will make your vision actually seem attainable.

 It is your GOALS!

Back to the losing weight example.  You can start working out and just hope that one day you will be in better shape.

Alot of us do this in many areas of life, just hoping that something good will happen and maybe one day it will fall into your lap.

The fear of failure prevents you from actually creating goals and putting 100% effort into it so that you have a way out of feeling bad if you dont reach success.

Id rather die believing in power, love, destiny, change, than live a mediocre life full of timidity, doubt, fear, or any of that nonsense. 

This doesn't mean I do not have to battle these things.  I do, but I will not be held captive by it!

Ok back to setting goals...

Instead of wishful thinking towards our dreams, lets set a goal that is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and within a certain amount of Time. As you can see this is a SMART way to go about it.

Let’s make it specific by saying you want to lose 30lbs.  Now , put a reasonable time table on it by giving yourself 5 months.

If you’re looking for the quick fix and want to lose 30 lbs in three weeks then come on!  That is just ridiculous.  Go buy the Shake Weight or something!

30lbs is definitely reasonable and attainable within that five month period.

To get even more specific, we would now know that we need to lose on average 1.5lbs/week.

Now that is one SMART goal!

We are now closer and closer to having sustained success, but we are still missing something.

That something is WHY you want to reach this goal.

The goal has to be YOUR goal, not your spouses, not your mother or fathers, not your boss’s, not your friends, YOURS!

If I ask you why you want to lose 30 lbs and you say “Well, my wife thinks I should” then you can just forget about ever achieving that goal!

You will never have the courage to do what it takes unless you are so passionately motivated by your vision and goals.

When things get tough and you are ready to quit, you are either going to push through with perseverance, or you are going to fold like a lawn chair!

There are truly no sissys aloud to win at ANYTHING!  Because everything and anything worth a damn is going to take some hard work and there is no way around that.

I am obviously passionate about this. :)

I used to think because I am a Christian, that God would just drop everything into my lap.  HAHA what a fool I was!

I was in some sort of procrastination denial lol.

Thankfully I learned my lesson quickly… Ain’t no freebies out there except eternal life.  But that’s a whole nother topic right there. And yes nother is a word...

I deeply care about seeing you reach your fitness, and life goals!  I may be blunt, but I will never sugar coat anything for the purposes of not upsetting someone. I will speak the truth, and I love you enough to tell you this so that you can get what you want and really deserve.

So make sure you know why you want something, imagine how you will look and feel when you reach your goal every day, and set a SMART goal to bring ENERGY and LIFE to your dream!

My prayer for you is that you will have the imagination to dream big, the faith to believe it is possible, the courage to relentlessly pursue your dream when things get tough, and the long term focus to see it through.

Fight the good fight my friends.

Till next time… Im out!

Oh and didn’t you know it is proper etiquette to leave a brotha a comment below!? :)

Seriously though, Id like to hear what your goals are and why you want them.

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