Food Journal- Feeling Deprived...


Week 2-3  

So, we are staying with this family for about a week now, and I have found it challenging to be around the different food smells and aromas of what they have been eating...


When it’s just me and Adam in the trailer I cook the foods that I can eat and I don't cook the foods I don't eat. So, I don't really come across the difficulty or challenge of being tempted by food smells. But, when the huge, chocolate chunk, warm ghirardelli brownie, fresh out of the over is smelling up the entire house, it can be challenging to remember why I’m choosing not to eat it. Or, when everyone is having sweet chicken, with buttery potatoes and I’m going out to the trailer to make some beans with a little seasoning, I can definitely start to feel deprived.


I noticed my thoughts the past few days have been questioning “why” I am doing no oil, or thinking I am being extreme with having such little sweets in my meals. I have never been one to miss oil, or crave fat but I have been finding myself so tempted to add in oil to my foods to make them seem richer and more flavorful.


I think being a bit more intentional about coming up with new recipes would help me feel less deprived and excited about eating my meals. I have felt a bit “pigeon-holed” lately, so I plan to spend some time on pinterest looking for other ideas of foods to make!


I found some new things to try!!! I made a vegan lasagna with grated cashews on top. It tasted so yummy I forgot there was no cheese on it!


Next, I made scalloped potatoes with a butternut squash cashew cream in place of the normal white sauce base. It was super yummy, but way too rich, especially with how simple we have been eating. And because it was the richest food I have had for weeks, I felt miserable and had a horrible stomach ache, bloating and gas, and I felt uncomfortably full. I would need to cut the amount of cashews by 50-75% for it to be more palatable and easy on my stomach.


I also noticed that when I eat richer foods with pasta, or potatoes whatever it is, it is lacking the fiber I need to stay regular, I may go “back to the basics” a bit more. I really don't like that my energy levels, and state of health can so drastically change! It’s frustrating.


For example, I could eat oatmeal and a green smoothie and feel amazing but make some potatoes with a 1/2 tsp of oil in the morning and i feel sick. Or have a veggie rice and bean bowl for dinner, feel great. A bowl of just pasta noodles and pasta sauce, and I don't feel as great. Try a super rich meal with lots of nuts or avocado, and I feel yucky as can be for a few hours.

I sure am feeling annoyed at how sensitive I am! We ate out a few days ago, and I felt like I was being so good getting chipotle with just veggies and salsa, guacamole on top of rice and beans but I felt bloated for hours and kept burping up the salsa taste, my guess was it was way too much salt and that they use canned beans instead of preparing them the way they should be, soaked overnight. well, enough with my rant...


I hope through reading this post that you see this diet change is challenging! It is hard work, and takes a lot of intentionality.


But I still believe that the cost and the pain is WAY WORTH what the benefits will be!


Until next week,

Kaylee Luckey

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