7 Fat Burning Foods

Hey there,  

I am pretty excited because I just started my 6 week True Fitness transformation.  I will be focusing on transforming physically, spiritually, and mentally during these 6 weeks.

Ill be posting more on that later...


For now I want to share with you some foods that are great for burning fat and increasing your metabolism. This is what I'll mostly be consuming during this transformation.


Our metabolism is responsible for 60% of caloric expenditure.  The other 40% is a result of our exercise.  This shows how important it is to take in the right foods! We are going to delve into certain foods that will help increase your metabolism.


Metabolism is the rate at which our body turns food into energy AKA calorie burning.


So the goal is to have our metabolism as high as possible when fat loss is our goal.  When we have a high metabolism, we will burn a lot more fat off the body.   SIMPLE.



There are many ways to increase metabolism, but right now we are just gonna look at what kind of foods will do it for you.




1. Lean Meat


-Chicken, turkey, and fish are among the most lean sources of meat. The chicken breast is the most lean part of the chicken.  The best ways to prepare it are grilled or baked, without the skin of course.  If you eat the skin, you add double the fat to your meal.

-They are very high in protein. The digestion of protein requires more energy (calories) than fat and carbs.

- Fish is a great source for essential fatty acids (good fats) that help lower cholesterol, increase metabolism and cardiovascular stamina, and much much more.

2. Citrus fruits

- Vitamin C has been used to increase immune system but also has a significant effect on fat burning.

-Vitamin C increases fat burning by stoking the metabolic fire inside of you.

-Fat molecules are broken down by citric acid.  Therefore, this makes your body more likely to rid itself of FAT!

- Some examples are oranges, lemons, tangerines, and limes.

- Stay away from fruit juice, it is usually stripped of its fiber (another metabolism booster) and is full of tons of sugar that will be turned into fat once it gets inside your system.



3. Oatmeal and whole grains


- Oatmeal is full of fiber and carbs which will help you wake up faster by giving you sustained energy to start your day.

-  Oatmeal is full of whole grains which contain vitamin B.  This vitamin is essential in increasing metabolism!

-Some good sources of whole grains are: Brown rice (Yummy), whole wheat bread (Ezekial bread is the best), Quinoa, and wild rice.

- Quinoa is actually a complete protein as well.  So for you vegetarians, this is a great source to fill the protein requirement.  See, proteins are broken down into amino acids.  So, if the protein source is not a complete protein, it doesn't have all the amino acids therefore your not getting the required nutrients.




4. Water



- In a study done by researchers in Germany found that after participants drank 17 ounces of water, their metabolism was increased by 30%

- Hunger is usually mistaken for THIRST, so drink lots of water and curb that appetite.

- Start your day by drinking a tall glass of water instead of coffee.  You will have a natural spike in your energy without the crash.

- Everything in your body requires water to function optimally.  Therefore, an increase in metabolism is a bi-product of more water consumed.

- Add lemon to help alkalize your body.  This means that you are balancing out the PH level in your blood.  Basically you will have a stronger body and immune system when your PH levels are balanced.  Plus you get more citric acid from the lemon to boost metabolism.


4. Green Tea

- This is a drink that is very popular amongst the weight conscious celebrities

- It has properties that will boost the metabolism and increase your mood.  Now you can be in great shape while being happy all at the same time. :)

-green tea is also has anti cancer properties plus it tastes great.


5. Broccoli

- Broccoli is one of the greatest weight loss super foods out there. First of all, it contains only 20 calories per CUP

- It contains vitamin c which we now know is one of the vitamins that increases metabolism

- If that isn't good enough, it also contains important phytochemicals that will help your body detox.


6. Hot Peppers

- I love spicy food so this one floats my boat.

- Capsaicin (a chemical found in jalapeno and cayenne peppers) temporarily stimulates your body to release more stress hormones, which speeds up your metabolism and causes you to burn more calories.


7. Soup

- You can eat more and take in less calories than the average meal.

- Chicken soup is great because it usually contains vegetables and lean meat.

- Soup is a combination of liquid and solid, this means you get much more full and keep the calories super low.

- The water base and lean meat will help boost your metabolism.


What are your favorite metabolism revving foods?  Leave me a comment below. :)

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