Food Journal- Week 1of my Whole Foods Lifestyle

whole foods journal  

Oct 26- Nov 2


The first day went pretty well! I had some food cravings for sugar and chips. I caught myself thinking “victim thoughts” like “I can't have that” or “I don't get that anymore for a year.” Then came the faint emotion of feeling deprived... In that moment, I had a decision to make. Would I go through my health journey believing that i am missing out, depriving myself, and at the mercy of my new commitment OR was I going to CHOOSE to believe that I am in control of myself, I tell myself what to do, and I DO NOT have to listen to those thoughts in my head that are disempowering my and making me feel like a victim. So i decided to change my thoughts, they went something like this... “No, I don't even want sugar, and chips are gross and oily. I am not depriving myself I chose to commit to this and it is what I will and want to do. I don't even actually want those foods. I am going to focus on the foods I can have instead of all the things I’m not going to have.” Those thoughts completely shifted my attitude to a place of feeling empowered and the strength to do what i have committed to. I then went for the grapes :)


That night, I am assuming because of the intense full body massage I had the day before, I barely slept with horrible migraine headaches, body pains, and nausea. I am not sure if it was partly food withdrawals or all from my massage. Either way, I was miserable all night and into the next day. I stayed in bed til about 3pm and then got up to eat. After all the nausea and pain left, it was a great day. I didn’t have as much of an appetite, but I ate an amazing bean and veggie soup I made, and snacked on fruit for my sweets :)


Day three, I am excited, loving how I feel and dreaming about how great this year is going to go! Oatmeal is working super well for a yummy breakfast that leaves me feeling satisfied and full. I am being very intentional about preparing all our food. I soak beans every few days to cook and keep in the fridge, have made big batches of soup, cooked sweet potatoes, quinoa and rice! I have also inspired my husband to go off of refined sugars for the next few days to a week. That is just more motivation for me, as the best thing in my mind is that my life would be the message and not just what I say.


Day four, feeling amazing! Loving “junk food” not being an option or even something I consider to eat. I feel lighter, a little less “puffy” feeling, and I have so far, been very satisfied with the foods I have been eating. I notice that I feel the need to eat as soon as I wake up. My theory, before I would eat junk foods late at night like ice cream, or chocolate so I would sleep with way more calories in my system. Since I have just been eating dinner and then snacking on some fruit, when I wake up my body is ready for more nutrients right away. I have never really been a breakfast person, so a big bowl of oatmeal didnt sound like the most exciting thing, but I am finding that I have looked forward to it every morning so far!


We were on the road for the past few days and had some meetings with friends and a church so we ended up eating out 3 times in the past 3 days. Our first night, we went to a thai place which I thought would be easy to stick to the meal plan. We ordered a vegetable plate wish rice and a cashew veggie dish with tofu. Sounds great! But when our food came out I didnt account for how much oil they would have used... We were really hungry! The food tasted wonderful, I ate the dish that seemed to have the lesser amount of oil. But by the end of our meal I was feeling disappointed and frustrated that I didnt just order steamed vegetables and rice. Yes, I was being a bit hard on myself but I also felt like I was in denial. Honestly, I knew there would be oil on the dishes and part of me was probably just excited to have some food with a little more flavor. I had a conversation with my husband that the no oil thing was starting to get to me, and that I felt bad for not strictly following the plan.


The next time we ate out, we went to a salad bar that I love! I knew for sure I could order a yummy salad with lemon juice instead of an oily dressing. I didnt want to feel deprived and salad with a ton of yummy ingredients sounded wonderful! My husband ordered a hummus plate to go along with our salads. While we ran to the car for something, I helped myself to a slice of the pita bread with some hummus. I knew there would be some oil in the hummus but a minimal amount is okay. As I took my second bite into my second piece of pita bread my husband said, “Hey you're not allowed to eat that!” I was about to tell him that he was wrong and that bread was a grain, until I looked at it and realized, “Oh crap! White flour isn't a whole grain!” I put the pita down, feeling a bit frustrated again. Strike two? Here I was so proud of myself for not even ordering canned fruit and making sure there was no oil on my salad, all the while eating the white flour! This was going to be harder than I originally thought....


My third try eating out was way more successful. We went to a vegan type restaurant which helped a ton! I ordered 3 different sides, shredded beets with a light vinaigrette, a quinoa blend with curry apples, and a veggie tart (basically whole grain flat bread with veggies). I happily ate my yummy food very impressed with the flavor, but by the end of plate, I noticed the oil residue left over... And again! What the heck! I was beginning to feel like it would be impossible to find foods with no added oil.


One thing I do not want to do on this food journey is make myself feel deprived, set myself up for failure, or set goals that are unrealistic for our travels. At times, we simply don’t have water in our tank or electricity and we don't have another option than to eat out. On those occasions, I don't want to feel guilty or like I am failing every time I end up with some added oil on my plate. So, I have decided to adjust my plan from “no oil” to “minimal oil” which basically means that if there is a bit in the pasta sauce I'm eating or the quinoa blend I ordered, its okay. This does not mean that I will be making or ordering deep fried, oil rich, or even sauted foods.


My goal for this year is to find a lifestyle, not follow a diet. I do not want to be so strict and have so many “No’s” that I feel deprived or want to throw in the towel.  


As I sit here, eating my low-salt, oil-free, 15 bean veggie soup I feel satisfied. I have absolutely loved this first week! My favorite part has been no sugar! Even though I have loved my sweets with no limits in the past (and yes I have had moments of missing them this week) there is no comparison with having a “quick sugar fix” as compared to how energized and amazing I feel without sugar! I wake up with more energy. I don't have that “hung over” feeling with inflammation and swelling. I don't crash as much throughout the day, or constantly stop at the cupboard for “one more bite” until I feel sick or have a headache.I have noticed my skin already starting to clear up more! I haven't been sneezing, or having as much sinus congestion which I use to notice after eating sugar. I am seriously jumping on the “no sugar” bandwagon!

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