Change your thoughts, Change your life.

Hey there, I hope you’re ready to unlock some things in your brain today.

Do you want to get what you want out of life?  How about a life filled with vitality that takes you on adventure after adventure?  Maybe a bit more energy instead of feeling burnt out all the time would be nice. How about this, living a life that serves a purpose, no matter how big or small.  A life that is fulfilling because it is what you love to do and it benefits others when you do it.  Want to be in the best shape of your life?  I mean to the point that your confidence is through the roof?

Well who doesn’t?  Everyone would like to have all of this right?

Well you CAN. 

The problem is, we would rather stay in our “comfort zone” so we don't fail and have our hopes crushed once again, just like all the other times right?

I mean, we can’t afford to take a risk because we just “know” that we have tried everything and it just won’t work.

But we still hope that maybe if we just keep our head down and keep plugging away, something will just fall into our laps and we will be happy one day.

Because surely we don’t want our boat rocked.

We want to reside in a place that doesn’t stir up the pot.  We don’t wanna be to hot or too cold because then you’re just a weirdo.

That’s the law of homeostasis right there.  Always trying to keep you right where you’re at, in your nice and cozy zone of comfort where everything is under your control. (Or so you think)

But hey im not preaching cuz im guilty of this at times as well.

Yet deep down inside, we want more.  We want to change, we want to get into amazing shape, and we want happiness, financial freedom, and fulfillment in every area of our life.

It’s the classic internal conflict inside us all.  It will always be there to hinder us and bring us down when we are close to break through.

That is unless you face it head on and determine to overcome.

Lets take a look at what it's like to have that internal conflict to the max,

A man believes that he can never lose weight because he has tried everything.  But come January, he may see all the massive advertising going on and get fired up to reach his goal once and for all. So he signs up at a gym so he can finally lose the 50lbs.  But 2 months in, you’re not making any progress and you decide to quit thus confirming your belief that you can’t lose weight.

Since he had the subconscious belief he couldn't lose weight no matter what he was screwed no matter what.  From that belief stemmed half ass attempts at losing the weight.  He would work out a couple days a week because deep down inside he didnt want to fully commit himself due to the fear of failure.  From there he seemingly failed, thus confirming his initial belief.

He will bestuck in a perpetual cycle that takes you from failure to failure.

It’s a horrible place to be, I’ve been there.

Those are sabotaging beliefs and self-fulfilling prophecies.  You will NEVER do anything that opposes your belief system.  So every time you try something new, you will inevitably fail because your beliefs are screwed up.

Why do we stay in this place in our life?  FEAR and UNCERTAINTY.

It’s the phenomenon of why people buy a book and only read the first chapter.  Or why people start a fitness program only to quit 2 months in.  Maybe you have bought a workout DVD only to see it collect dust on the shelf.

Well don’t beat yourself up, it happens.

At a deep level we don’t really believe that the book, DVD, or fitness program will actually help us reach our goal.  We are UNCERTAIN.  We fear that we might fail and not get the results we want.

So how do you change the way you think and what you believe?  CHANGE!

Yes, the lovely word we all FEAR.

Yes it may hurt a bit; yes you might actually get uncomfortable.  But what’s worse, never accomplishing what you want, dying young because of bad health, living a life that is tremendously below what GOD wants for you, or getting out of that overrated comfort zone to go and get what you want and deserve?

It’s pretty clear to me!

How do you change?  I believe it takes work in your spirit, emotions, and physical body.  When each is unified and congruent, MAGIC happens.

In the holy book lies a scripture I hold on to dearly,

No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.” Romans 8:37

I know that I have supernatural strength to overcome seemingly impossible situations.

I firmly believe that if you want something different in life you have to change the way you think.

Your thoughts and internal beliefs are the breeding ground of EVERYTHING that manifests in your life.

So we have to be strong in our mind by retraining our thought patterns, strong in our body which stems from the beliefs we have about it, and be strong in spirit which is the realm of the things unseen.

Check this out:

“Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.”

Ecclesiastes 4:12

It’s the principle of being fit in the mind body and spirit.  When you have all THREE areas on point then you cannot and will not fail.

It’s time to flush out all the crappy lies that have been going through your head that are disempowering.

I mean the thoughts like “I can’t ever change” “It’s too difficult” “I don’t have the time”  “I just can’t do it” “I don’t have what it takes like those other people do” and all the other non-sense that goes on up there.

Let’s renew our minds with LIFE.  You can do this in many ways.  I believe that when you get close to the ONE who created all life then you have the ultimate advantage.  Read God’s written word and discover what amazing things he has to say about you.  He is not up there with a big stick ready beat you when you mess up believe it or not. J

Meditate and pray, it will help you become more aware of the thoughts that are filtering through your head.

You see, this world system wants to keep you on the sidelines.  The world system wants you to believe you have no power to change.  The world system will control you for the rest of your life if you don’t unplug from the matrix.



You always have a choice to live the mediocre life, never fulfilled, ignorant, and under a false illusion of the comfort zone. (Blue Pill)

Or… You can snap out of it, live a life of TRUTH, no longer accepting what is given to you.  You will understand that you have power to create the life you want.

Sure your boat may be rocked, so just step out in faith and walk on water baby!

So don’t conform to the world, stand up and be BOLD for those things that are right.  In the area of fitness, the right thing is that you deserve to be in amazing shape, healthy as can be.

So let’s say you have changed your belief system through renewing your mind with truth and life.

Now that same person may hit the gym for two months and still not see results.  BUT, before he had that limiting belief that he could never lose weight no matter what he did.  BEFORE he would have quit.

But NOW, he has the truth,  he knows he will do whatever it takes to lose the weight, he is not afraid, he is determined in his mind and knows exactly what he wants.

He has the ultimate FEAR destroyer, FAITH.

He is now certain he will get what he wants even though he is not there right now.

So what will he do?  He knows that what he has been doing hasn’t worked.  So he knows that it’s time to find someone that can help.  He will possibly find a trainer, or enter a results proven fitness program.


That’s the key, when something doesn’t work; just take a different avenue until you get to where you want to be.

Lesson of the day… Change your thoughts; truly believe that you have power to win the battles you face.

The starting place to anything great is INSIDE YOU.

See ya next time!

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