The Victorious Mindset

  Victorious mindset

Have you ever heard the phrase, "You either win or lose in life?"  Well I think that is a bunch of non-sense.  The truth is, you either WIN, or LEARN.   The first is a way of thinking that sets you up for failure.  It is completely negative and disempowering.   It tells you the lie that if something doesn't work out well than you are a loser.  The latter sets you up for success.  It says that if something doesn't work, I just learn from it and move on.





You Always Win!

Today I want to encourage you that you can never lose.  You cannot fail.  Don't believe me?  Doesn't God call us more than overcomers?  Doesn't He say that He will turn all things to good for those who love Him?  (Rom 8:28)


Look, when you set out to accomplish your dreams, some things won't work out perfectly, thats just life.  If you interpret that to mean you failed than you have truly lost.  But if you interpret the mistake or failure as something to learn from, grow from, and be strengthened by, than you can never lose.


You might have been through the ringer, and I am not discounting that.  I don't doubt that you have been through hell.   We are all guaranteed to have trials in this life.  No body does anything worth while that doesn't encounter opposition.


Trials are Good For You

count it all joy

 "Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters,[a] whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything." James 1:1-4

The difference is in the way we perceive.   We could respond like victims or we can respond like conquerors.   We can see our trial as some form of punishment or we can see it as an opportunity to manifest Christ through the fire.   I tell you, there is something special that you can only obtain through trials.   They strengthen our faith and our resolve to live a victorious life.  They push us closer to God.  They help establish truth in our hearts and expose the cracks in our foundation.   They show us the areas that still need to be refined which is good.  How can we fix a problem if it is never identified right?



The Reward Is Worth It All


You can run away from trials, and I don't blame you.  Or you can run toward conflict like David did Goliath.  He was motivated by reward, if he killed goliath he would get the kings daughter and his family would never have to pay taxes again.  Talk about motivation!


In order to run toward your problems with guns ablaze, you must know who you are and that there is a significant reward on the other side. You must not be afraid to get down and dirty.  For the conflict is where the promotion is.  So what are your Goliath's? Is it the sales calls you need to make?  Is it the starting the business of your dreams?  Maybe its asking that girl out?  Maybe its losing the 50 lbs.  Whatever it is, determine to take em on head first.  This is the safest place to be.  Its not sitting on your couch, that is actually the quickest way to failure.  Its when we engage the process that we grow and prosper.

When I first started my fitness business I had so many doubts and fears trying to hold me back.  I started with 1 client to serve.  That could be kind of discouraging if you keep your eyes on the bigger picture.  I knew that I had to get out in the city and start building relationships with other businesses but my wall of fear was rejection.  I didn't want to go and market because I was afraid of rejection.   But you know what?  I did it anyway.  And now we serve over 100 clients in our city, transforming lives one person at a time.

overcoming fear

The same goes for evangelism.  My heart was to see people out in the marketplace encounter the love of Jesus.  I desired to see people saved, healed, delivered but there it was again, that wall of fear.   But day by day I would step past the chicken line and reach out to people with the love of Christ.  And sure enough, I rarely ever get afraid of talking to strangers anymore.  I have the privilege of seeing many people supernaturally healed on the streets.  I see identities and destinies restored instantly to people with no hope.  All because God is good and I decided to run towards fear, not away from it.    I mean, the reward of being a vessel of love is way to strong to just back down to fear.


You Will Lack Nothing


And this is what it says in James, that when the testing of our faith produces perseverance, we will be mature and complete, lacking nothing.  I really like that.  I enjoy the fact that we could live a life so victoriously that there is not an ounce of lack within us.


We can live this life without ever having a bad day again.  We can say as Jesus did, "…for the ruler of the world is coming, and he has nothing in Me…" John 14:30  We can mature into Christ in such a way that no matter our circumstance, we can be full of joy.



There are no more excuses, theres only Jesus.  We say things like, "well you don't know what I have been through." "Well this happened to me so im mad." "Well I had a divorce, so this is why I am bitter." "I tried and it didn't work."  So on and so on.  These are all valid reasons to be broke, busted, and disgusted.  But I am not looking for reasons to justify my lack, I am looking for answers and solutions to overcome.


The only answer is that we must realize and  understand what Jesus went through to give us the abundant life.  He suffered radical pain in order to bring us peace.


The only way you will live this victorious life is by surrender to The Holy Spirit.  You cannot make this happen.  It is impossible.  Thats why Christ is your strength and not you. :)


Finally, this abundant life isn't the absence of trials.  It isn't a life where all your ducks  are in a row.  This victorious living is  about having courage, pursuing your God given dreams even when you feel terrified.  Its about knowing Christ.  Its about seeing yourself the way God sees you, as royalty, as His child.  Its about manifesting the love of Christ everywhere you go.  Its about never giving up no matter how hard it gets.  Its about never letting your identity become formed by circumstances. Its letting the truth and presence of God forge you into an unstoppable force of love and glory!


Your turn... What is one of the greatest lessons you have learned from your trials?

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