Prosperity Gospel and Money in the Church

This is a subject that many people struggle with, especially christians.  It is almost taboo to even speak about it in church.  We are afraid of it, yet bound by it.  Its called,  MONEY.  




Don't worry that changes today.


First of all, Ill address this fun fact.   Do you ever notice in church that we don't even use the word money?  Like its a curse word or something.  We use words like, provision, finance, or resources.  I mean, whats up with that?   I think its time we gain a new perspective on money.  For far to long the devil has kept us broke, busted, and disgusted.  We, in our stinkin thinkin, have allowed poverty to reign over our beliefs.  We believe silly things like, "its holy to be broke," or, "don't you know money is evil?"  Or "your just one of those prosperity gospel preachers."  As you will find out, this simply isn't true. We need a spiritual detox from bad teaching and thinking.  The apostle Paul puts it this way, "be transformed by the renewing of your mind."  We must have the thoughts of heaven dominating our mindset.  Like Bill Johnson says, " I cannot afford to have a thought in my head that isn't in His."



It is the will of the Father that we would be a resource to the nations.  All the patriarchs of the bible were rollin in the dough.  They walked in such excess that they were busting at the seams.  Yet we have a problem with preachers buying million dollar jets for the kingdom calling them wasteful.  Maybe some of them are... But its not our place to judge.  This leads me to the first point I want to address:


1. The older brother syndrome




Most of us know the story.  The son goes off to the "vegas" of those days, spends his whole inheritance on wild and crazy living. He ends up in a big pile of…. well you know, poop, I guess this would be the good christian word to use.  I mean, he is rolling around with the pigs eating their food. He then so wisely, figures out his life sucks,  and decides to return to fathers house as a worker.  Father, in his abundance, sees him stumbling in, runs to meet him with compete acceptance and overflow.  Slaps the signet ring on his finger, which is a symbol of complete authority, clothes him in the finest garments and so on. The older brother, in his religiosity and jealousy says, "mann, what the heck? Ive been here slaving away for you dad, and I ain't ever gotten no fatted calf."  Yes, this is the ghetto version. :)   Father says, "son, everything I have is yours, you could have had all the bacon in the world if you wanted."




See, by the work of the cross, Christ has given us EVERYTHING. He has placed us in the glorious promised land flowing with milk and honey. By His Grace, we no longer live by the sweat of our brow, but by the unmerited FAVOR of God. Our income is no longer in direct proportion to how many hours we put in.  This also is not an excuse for laziness.  A good work ethic is the foundation but it certainly isn't the cap.  Its a matter of realizing we live not by what we can earn, but by what He gives freely.  We no longer get what we deserve, but what He deserved.  He, who knew no sin, became sin, so that we, who knew no righteousness, could become His righteousness


But heres the kicker, the benefits of this reality are only afforded to those who believe.


See most of us, are still dominated by the religious older brother syndrome.  We still think its up to our efforts, our strength, and our abilities to provide.  Therefore, we get really pissed off when we see someone receive something by Grace, that we have been working for our whole life.


We then turn to criticiscm because of our jealousy.  In our hell bound thinking, we label people as "prosperity gospel preachers" or "greedy" or whatever other non-sense we can think off so that we can dismiss them.  In our lack driven thinking, we believe that because he received a wild blessing that somehow we now have less.  We become envious and therefore start to find fault with the person so that we don't have to change what we believe.


Listen to this, CRITICISM WILL CUT YOU OFF FROM THE BLESSING OF THE LORD.  But when you celebrate someones blessing,  you position yourself for the very same breakthrough.


Chose to realize that you are blessed and highly favored because God lives inside of you.  He wants to lavish His blessings upon you, just receive it.



2. Why listen to me?


Before we go any further I feel led to share with you a bit about my life. I want to share with you the success I have had in my life, not to impress you, but to impress upon you the Grace of God.  I will never take credit for the increase.   Even though I work diligently, I know that HE is the one who gave me that ability in the first place.  In this place I am safe.  I live with a continual awareness that I am blessed.  I live partnered with Heaven, knowing that He is downloading divine strategies, marketing plans, wisdom, connections, and everything else I need to succeed in life, and become a blessing to the world.  I am just getting started in this life, but I have already seen Him do amazing wonders in and through me.   My local fitness business prospers as a beacon of hope in my hometown.  By His Grace, He has established it and what He establishes will succeed.  I live in financial freedom, and I have free time to be about my Fathers business, preaching the gospel, healing the sick, and equipping HIs children to become unstoppable forces for good.  I have barely scratched the surface of His goodness, and I cannot wait to go further into the depths of His Grace.




3. Phony boloney gnostic beliefs


Another root issue is the gnostic belief system.


In short summary, the gnostic mindset says that all things in the natural are evil, and only the spiritual is good.  It is where we get the crazy idea that we should be killing our flesh every These crazy beliefs have infiltrated the church like a virus.  Thank God that His word is like a surgeons knife, cutting deep, removing the plague of wrong thinking.


Money isn't evil.  It doesn't carry a conscience, it doesn't have thoughts of greed or envy.  It is amoral.  It does however, hold the power to amplify who you believe you are.  Put it in the hands of a greedy monger, and they will build their own kingdom, put it in the hands of a true christian, the world will be blessed because of it.


Some preach and teach that being broke is holy.  Thats about as smart as saying that God gave you cancer.  Both are equally perverted.  Our Father isn't a twisted God that needs to teach us lessons through torment.  If thats the father we believe in, his name probably starts with an L.


But what about when Jesus told the rich young ruler to sell all his possessions?  Jesus never operated out of formula, He dealt with people based on their heart.  To the self-righteous, he preached law on steroids.  This self righteous man comes to Jesus in PRIDE.  He says he has kept all the commandments since his youth.  Jesus basically reveals to him that he lacks the ability to keep the law completely.  How?  By showing him that he is bound by idolatry, one of the commandments to have no other god before him.



You can be in just as much idolatry being broke as you can being rich.  Let me give you a scenario, you are constantly worried about bills, every time you go out to eat you base every decision on how much it costs, you are penny pinching, you are constantly balancing the checkbook.  It seems that all you talk about is how you don't have enough.  And of course you have to have a reason to be this way, so you call it "wisdom."


This here is a classic case of idolatry.  You have replaced God The Provider, with money.  If I just described you, you now have a choice.  To be offended, or to realize there is no condemnation, change the way you think, ask for God's help.





My advice, receive the abundance mindset, there is more than enough.  His house is a house of plenty.




4. Greed and Fear


I agree that there have been greedy preachers that have twisted the scriptures to build their own kingdom.  They are the wolves in sheep's clothing.  They manipulated you to give large sums of money by using high pressure sales tactics.  How do I know?  It has happened to me, and boy I was mad afterward, and hurt.  But that is right where the devil would like to keep us, in a state of unforgiveness and offense.  Because of our pain, we create beliefs and doctrines out of a place of reaction that then become strongholds of bondage in our life.


 Just because there have been a few bad apples doesn't mean we should dismiss the whole tree. There is still a lot of fruit that is well ready to nourish your soul.



Look past the offense and get over the hurts, its called forgiveness.



So what happens is this, we become bound by fear.  Afraid to believe God is really good, afraid to desire success, to actually want to make a lot of money, we become afraid of abundance and more than enough.  Jesse Duplantis puts it like this "If your afraid of abundance, your sure not gonna like heaven."   Heaven is riddled with excess, I mean, the place has streets of gold.  What are you gonna say then?  " I dunno Lord this is to much, I might become selfish and greedy because of this excess."


How do you know that your not greedy?  If you can give freely, it proves that the devil has no hold on you.  It is the love of money that will cause you to withhold unduly.  For if you understand grace, you will realize its not your money anyway, your just a manager.



Its the same mindset of those who criticized Mary for pouring out her extravagant offering upon the feet of Jesus.  Talk about waste, she broke open her alabaster box of fragrant perfume that was worth a years salary.  Then you have Judas saying "what the? We should have sold that and given it to the poor."  Jesus told them that she did a good thing.


My point is this, our perception of excess is not How God sees it.  What we see as wasteful, God sees as worship.  This goes for everything, not just money.


His name is EL Shaddai, which means more than enough.


He doesn't just want to pay your bills, He wants to give you more so you can enjoy family vacations and other fun things.  Dare to believe God loves you my friend!


Stop living in fear, trust Got to protect you rather than the devils ability to deceive you and make you greedy.





On the other side of the spectrum, a problem I see is that we think money can bring us fulfillment.  There is only one place that this eternal void can be filled.  That is by the mighty Grace of God.  He is the only one that can fill you with so much pleasure that you are overflowing with abundance.  After all, prosperity is of the soul.  "Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers." 3 John 1:2



He has all the joy we could ever want.  He is so happy!  It is in Him that we find our purpose, to be loved by the Holy Trinity.  "In his presence, is fullness of joy and at his right hand are pleasures forevermore."  See, that itch for satisfaction is scratched by His acceptance of us. We are satisfied purely by the love chambers of intimacy with Him.   Don't ever get that twisted.





This thing of unworthiness goes beyond money and is a huge disease that cuts us off from abundant life.  It causes us to self-sabotage and beat ourselves up.


I will use an example from my own life to explain my point.


In my fitness business, I found myself feeling guilty for charging the prices that I charged for a membership.  I would find myself  with this belief that I was ripping people off.  Think about what that does to your psyche.  As a result, I would find myself lowering my prices  out of guilt and shame.


This was the fruit of a poverty mentality.



This one is a big deal, especially if you are wanting to start a business.   If you walking in a poverty mentality, you will fail, plain and simple.

See, because I didn't value myself and what I had to offer, I would subconsciously shoot myself in the foot.  We cannot live with guilt, we will either adjust our behavior, or adjust what we believe.  Thats why people seek to justify their behaviors, or they repent and change the way they think.


It wasn't until I realized that I am a son of God, a beloved child in whom He is well pleased.  It wasn't until i realized I don't live by what I deserve but by Grace.  That I am the apple of his eye, the object of his affection, the one He lavishes his blessings upon.  This is where I realized my freedom.  It was then and only then, that I could enter into true humility.  See, we all need to come to a place of greater understanding that this great and mighty God came down to earth and washed our feet. Initially, when we hear this, our natural response is "no Lord, Im not worthy of this."  That false humility thing needs to go!



You are worthy, based not on your merits, but by the work of Christ.  Would He have endured the greatest torture mankind has ever seen to save something that isn't worthy?  I don't think so.  RECEIVE His overflow right now.






I say this in the nicest way possible.  Your life goes way beyond yourself.  God wants to do mighty things in and through you.  But if you still think its about you then you will get caught up with introspection, self-doubt, self lack, and self self self. This is the very thing that has been crucified at the cross.  Your old man has been done away with.  You are a new creation with a new heart and pure motives.


The dreams He has for you go way beyond your scope of what you think is even possible.  This verse sums it all up.  The enemy is seeking to distract Nehemiah from rebuilding the walls of the city.  He is about His Fathers business and the enemy is trying to persuade Him to engage in a futile battle.   This is his response:



"And I sent messengers to them, saying, “I am doing a great work and I cannot come down. Why should the work stop while I leave it and come down to you?” Nehemiah 6:3


So when the enemy comes knocking at your door with thoughts of discouragement, doubts, fears, lofty things, imaginations, and every other bit of non-sense, just say" why the heck would I even bother giving you any attention, I am doing big things for The Kingdom."






I want you to realize that you are called to be a resource for the nations. God wants to bless the whole world through your life.  I bless you to walk rooted and grounded in the faith. Firmly planted as an oak tree of righteousness.  A person with a prospered soul that is fully satisfied in the Grace of God.  Free from guilt, fear, and religion. Someone that walks fully persuaded by the truth. Walking in His Grace that enables you to create and capture wealth.  To never be sorry, or guilty for the blessing of The Lord.  To walk with confidence. To know that you are called to create jobs, invent products and services that will astound the market, to create multiple streams of income, to revolutionize the industry you are in, to wow them with the wisdom of Christ, just like King Solomon.



So right now, I prophecy that you will walk in divine strategies, you will transform the marketplace with heavens touch, you will walk in so much overflow that everyone you know is going to get splashed.  You will invent systems and processes that have never been seen, you will live with the wealth mindset.


Go forth and walk in your destiny!


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