How can I get Peace of Mind? See Jesus in Psalm 18:2


how can i get peace

True scriptural meditation is not an emptying of the mind, but a filling of the mind. It is the answer to the question "how can I get peace of mind?"  It is taking scriptures like these and chewing on them. Its to repeat over and over individual truths which roots them deep into our heart.  It goes far past the surface meaning discovering little gems of wisdom and life.

Meditation activates the wonderland imagination.  The sanctified imagination is a powerful thing.  It has the ability to open up faith to a whole new level.  Did you know the mind cannot tell the difference between what it sees in the imagination and what it sees in the natural?  Thats why visualizing is so powerful.  As an athlete, I practiced this all the time.  I meditated on the perfect play, I would feel exactly how it felt to score the touchdown, and it brought that confidence into the moment. How much more powerful when we visualize the realities of TRUTH?

Lets dive into this scripture.




What a beautiful reality of having God as our rock, fortress, salvation, shield, and stronghold.   Think about the significance of this passage.  A rock exemplifies the resilience and strength of our Lord.  Whatever we are facing we know that we are standing on solid ground.  We will not be moved by anything contrary to the truth.  We can rest in the fact that Jesus is our steadfastness, even when we feel the complete opposite, we live by faith not feelings.  A rock is more than defensive, or have we forgotten that this was the very way David defeated the giant Goliath?  See, Jesus is our weapon for breakthrough.  If your seeking promotion, increase, spiritual growth, or you want to once and for all get in shape, Jesus is your answer.   He is the rock that has already torn down every ounce of opposition.  The challenge is believing it.


how can I get peace of mind



He is our mighty fortress.  When we feel afraid, we can rest in the fact that He is the impenetrable place of security.  No enemy can scale the walls of His might.  No weapon formed against you shall prosper because of this very reason.  He is our source of protection, and boy do we need it.  For our calling is to be light in a dark place.  Lets not make the mistake of thinking there is not an enemy that roams around as a lion seeking those he may devour.

For the christian, we need not fear, He is our fortified city.  In Him we are warm and cozy, able to snuggle up right next to the flame of His love.  In Him we can leap with joy while even while our enemies surround us.  Whatever obstacles you are facing, sickness, depression, money, lack of purpose, and any other foe, imagine yourself standing confident in this mighty fortress we call Jesus.


ways to peace


When the storm rages, be still, when you feel surrounded with unpaid bills, sickness, a failing business, take refuge in Christ.  Outside of Him, it may be wild and tempestuous, but in Christ it is all rainbows and sunshine.  Ephesians 2 says that we are seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus.  The word also says that we are hidden in Christ. (Colossians 3:3)  See yourself above the snake line.  Where you are, no power of darkness can come close.


how to have peace of mind



The shield of God is better likened to a forcefield.  His faithfulness completely surrounds us.   We are in a God bubble, yay!  Every fiery dart the enemy tries to throw at us is extinguished by the spirit of God.   See Christ as your shield today, protecting you, keeping you, caring for you.    Whenever someone seeks to hurt you with disrespect, rejection, abuse, know that your heart is protected.  So right now, whatever you are facing, see it being obliterated by the great and mighty shield of The Holy Ghost.





We are going to tap into the nerdy side of me.  This picture is from a video game and it describes God as our stronghold really well.  See, I believe strongholds are created around belief systems.   For example, if I believe the lie that I am a sinner, I will act accordingly.  This is a stronghold.

When I imagine God as my stronghold I see Him as a well fortified castle protecting my heart and mind.   This castle is set up with the most sophisticated defense mechanisms.  Whenever a lie approaches my mind, archers unleash a barrage of arrows destroying the lie. After its destruction, Jesus whispers the truth into my ear with a confident chuckle at the enemies attempt, brining peace and power back into my heart.   After all, psalm 2:4 says that He laughs at the plans of the enemy.



As you can tell, I love to have fun with this by tapping into the creative imagination.  Its the bridge between the natural and the supernatural, the place where dreams are discovered and cultivated.


I encourage you to bask in His presence, let Him permeate your entire being with His glorious psalm.  Meditate on it all day and watch how His peace overtakes you.


Much love,


adam luckey







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