Called To Kingdom Business

  Kingdom Business


This post is not for everyone.  It is not for those who want to take what life throws at them.  Its not for those who make excuses for why they are unsuccessful.  Not for people who want to bicker about ridiculous non sense instead of contributing to the greater good.  Its not to the gutless individuals that are comfortable tearing others down instead of living a victorious life.  Nor am i speaking to the religious folk who desire to complain about the millionaire business man, labeling him as a deceived and selfish christian, all the while they are just sad and broke because they would rather criticize instead of believe God.


Today I write to those who know that deep down inside they are called to change the world.  The man or women who has dreams that just won't go away.  You may not know exactly what it is yet, but you know its big.  You have been attacked with waves of unbelief, thoughts from hell, seeking to convince you that you are no good, that you are a nobody, and, "who are you to think you can change the world?  What can simple ol you do to actually make a difference."  Blah blah blah, the lies go on and on.

But God comes in the picture, He begins to reveal the very fabric of your DNA.  He unravels it before your eyes, He takes you back throughout your life showing you the threads of significance that has woven you together.   He brings you back to those times where you stood up to the bully at school, or when the voice of adventure caused you to go past the boundaries into uncharted territory.  You never felt like you fit in, wondering why you were so different.  It was once seen as a weakness, but God revealed that you were called to be a leader, a man or woman set apart for something greater, and this path could never be traveled by someone who walks the ordinary.


You thrive on doing things the unconventional way, you like to go opposite of the world.

business as ministry



When people told you that you couldn't do something, you actually took that as an invitation, a challenge.  When others were working the 9-5 you dreamed of ways to do bigger and better things.  The very thought of staying in your high school town brought nausea to your stomach.  You had to get out and explore all the world had to offer.  You dreamed of owning your business one day.  You saw the ways things were and would come up with more creative and effective ways to do them.  You have idea after idea running around your head.  As you look back over you life, you see that you were never called to the ordinary, but the extraordinary.

You my friend, are an entrepreneur, a kingdom business man, a reformer, a revivalist.  

kingdom business



I by no means would say that these are the only qualities and experiences that make up someone that is called to the business world for there is no box that can contain you.


I write this in hopes to give language to a God given desire deep in the core of your being, to inspire a certain breed of leaders, movers and shakers that will change the course of history.  YOU are that person my friend.



 business ministry

Today God is raising up a generation that will go into the business world to reform and release revival like never before.   They will be a people that walk in the power of the spirit, realizing that the anointing of the Holy Ghost was never designed to stay in the church building.  These people will see miracles, signs, and wonders on a regular basis.  They will be the Joseph's and Daniel's that carry ridiculous kinds of favor.

They will realize that this favor they have, is not for themselves, but to preserve a nation.

They will wield the wealth of God for the greater good, they will understand that it comes by Grace and not their own effort or work.  They will receive divine strategies from heaven, create new and witty ways to capture wealth, they will be positioned to influence the influential with the gospel, the only thing that truly satisfies.  Their gifts and talents will take them before the movers and shakers of this world.

They will build kingdom businesses and eternal legacies based on the values of Heaven.  While the world cuts corners to become successful, these people will walk in integrity, honor, love, excellence, presence, truth, and servanthood.


If this speaks to any part of you, don't you dare disqualify yourself by saying you cannot live up to this.  It is not up to you!  It is what God has called you to be.  Moses had the same mindset of "who am I to do such a thing?"  Just say yes and realize that, HE, will make it happen.  Just the very fact that you question your ability shows me that you are ready for God to use.


business as ministry

In todays environment, with all the technological advances, rapid change, there is an endless sea of opportunity.  While some christians, bound by religiosity, are sitting on the sideline, people under the control of the world system are gladly getting in the game. They are used as pawns by the god of this age, satan, to infuse culture with immorality, lust, perversion, death, hatred, selfishness, greed, and corruption.  But our God is calling the soldiers into battle.  These warriors will be a people consumed by the love and presence of God.  They will war with weapons not of this world, destroying the yokes of bondage over industries and markets, they will destroy the giants of the land.  They will walk in complete confidence, with swag, with an attitude of "who are these uncircumcised philistines that seek to defy the living God."

They will not bow a knee to the environment of lust and greed that they are called to transform.

But by the spirit of God, they will bend the world around them to conform and submit to the authority of Jesus Christ. With 5 smooth stones of signs and wonders, love, wisdom, faith, and joy, they will obliterate governing principalities.  No i didn't miscount, signs and wonders count as one category.  And yes that is a reference to David and Goliath. :)



 Business as ministry

See, we are a people that live and abide in the promise land.  We aren't fighting for victory, we are fighting from victory, proclaiming the good news that Jesus Christ has descended from heaven, converted humanity, and raised us up with Him to forever abide in the Holy relationship of the Trinity.  THAT IS THE PROMISE LAND my friend.


And from this reality, we enter corporate board rooms, sit with presidents and kings, consulting them with divine wisdom. Those who will infiltrate the kingdoms of this world will be equipped with the gifts of the spirit such as, prophecy, wisdom, faith, words of knowledge, and healing.


The world is readily turning to psychics for guidance, its time that the true supernatural be manifested through the son's and daughters of the king.   You will stand before these great leaders of the world, and the Holy Ghost will move through you like a freight train upon them.  Whether thats through the spirit of excellence, healing, prophetic, or whatever, God will use you to manifest His goodness towards His lost children.




 kingdom business

To be called to kingdom business is a valiant thing.  It is an honor to be commissioned by God to influence this giant. For the entrepreneurs that will start businesses, here are some statistics that will inspire you.  Small business makes up for 60-80% of all new jobs.  According to the US small business association, 44% of America's payroll comes from small businesses.  Thats what you get to be apart of.  Thats a glorious thing right there.


Business is not a second class anointing no matter what some well meaning christians have told you.  As a business man, you are not less than the preacher, you are not merely a supporter of what he does, YOU are the world changer, and YOU are the mighty man of God.  It sickens me to see well meaning church goers tell business men, "well as long as you tithe and give offerings from all that money you have, I suppose you are doing the work of the Lord."  NO!  You are actually influencing people that would never step foot into the church.


You are creating  jobs and transforming economies. 


I would say that 1% of God's children are called to be behind a pulpit.  They are called to equip the saints for the work of the ministry as it says in Ephesians 4:2.  The rest are strategically placed to bring revival, reformation, and transformation to this world.


For far to long, kingdom business has been strayed away from.  On fire christians believe that the "right" thing to do is go be a missionary in Africa when all along their hearts desire is to be in the business world capturing and creating millions.  The desires in your heart are there for a reason.  God has placed them there.  After all, He says "Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart."  Lets stop being afraid that we will be overtaken by jealousy and greed.  If you are in love with Jesus, than you are safe.

 In my life it has been amazing to see God move in my local fitness business.  It was there, where I saw my first healing miracles.  Injured clients would get instantaneously healed.  People would walk in depressed and leave full of joy and encouragement.  It was because the atmosphere was filled with worship and the presence of The Almighty.   It is still running strong as my brother carries the torch. It remains as a light for our city.  It is because God has called me and my family to business as a ministry.  He has established it and it shall remain by the insurmountable Grace of the King.

Its time to respond to that burning desire within.  If you have given up on your dreams, dust off the hurt of defeat, get back up and ask the Lord for His Grace to infuse you and strengthen every fiber of your being.


So right now, I bless you with the creative wisdom to bring forth the creative wisdom in your business. I prophecy that you will walk in divine strategies, you will transform corporations with heavens touch.  You will invent systems, and processes that have never been seen, you will understand you carry ideas from heaven. Wow! Im getting rocked just writing this.  Its because I know some of you are feeling the freedom rise in your heart, ideas are swimming in your head, a fresh hunger and hope is flooding your being.


You are being commissioned by the Father to be who exactly who you were made to be. BE SOCIAL AND COMMENT BELOW. I AM INTERESTED IN YOUR THOUGHTS.


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