Is Your Heart Rotten?

Hey there, I hope this post finds you in great spirit.  

No, I don't think you have a rotten heart.  I just think that we have been so influenced by this world since the day we were born that we are filled with negative associations.


More on that later....


First of all, my goal in life is to share my passion for true fitness.  I enjoy nothing more than to dispense TRUTH and LIFE to all who are willing to hear.


There are so many places you can go to get more information these days.  It seems there is no shortage of so called “experts.”


With the internet, knowledge is readily available to those who seek it.


You can pretty much find anything you want on Google.


It is funny though, just because you know something does not mean  you will actually apply it.


Having knowledge alone will get you nowhere!








That’s because knowledge is the beginning of wisdom and wisdom is in the application of knowledge.



There are many “smart” people out there that don’t do anything with their life.


For example, this one may hit home with you,


You know every trick in the book to get in shape, yet you are still overweight, depressed, and unhappy.


Crazy right!?


That’s because knowledge in your head doesn’t do to much for you. 


Many have experienced this, you may really want to get in shape and you know that you should because you will be healthier, stronger, and more energetic.


But that’s as far as it goes, you never take any action towards that “knowledge”


How can this be?


See, you can mentally agree with something yet never understand it. 


This is because your subconscious makes up somewhere around 90% of your personality, the actions you take, and the decisions you make, the emotions you feel, and the thoughts that dominate your mind.


I believe the subconscious resides in the “soul” category when we are talking about spirit, soul, and body.


So if only 10% of you lies within the conscious mind… That means most of us are on autopilot and living day to day, slaves to our  corrupted programing system(Subconscious).


Its not your fault though, the way you were raised, the relationships you had growing up, the experiences you endured, and all the failures of your past all try to dictate who you are now.


The good news is, you can reprogram that system with TRUTH.  Truth is the actual state or reality of a matter.






SO what reality am I referring to?


The reality of FAITH, LOVE, and HOPE, these are the ingredients that should rule  our hearts.  This is the ultimate concoction for success in life. 


When you allow these things to reign in your life, transformation will always be happening.


That’s what you truly want right?  To change your life for the better.


Even if life has beaten you up, we all really desire to be more.


Maybe you don't want to rule the world or anything ambitious like that, but maybe you want to attain more happiness, confidence, financial stability…. Our problem is we have not really sought after the truths or realities of life.


We must get free from mental slavery!


We need to learn that just because you agree with something in your mind, doesn’t really mean you BELIEVE it.

Because like I said before, your conscious mind makes up just about 10% of who you are.  So we can safely say that you can mentally comprehend something yet diametrically oppose that concept at your core.


The objective is to take something from head knowledge, and engrain it in your heart and soul.  When this happens you come to a place of UNDERSTANDING and WISDOM.

 You now embody that which you once knew on the surface.  It has been established within.












These are the finest treasures to be sought after, that is why King Solomon says in the Proverbs,


 “How much better to get wisdom than gold, to choose understanding rather than silver!”


That is because this is where it all starts!! Nothing changes on the outside unless it changes on the inside first.


And knowledge and wisdom definitely reside inside of you.


As you can tell, I use the Holy Book for all attaining of wisdom.  It is the number one “self help” book and will always be.



Heres just a lil background on Solomon so you know who he was,

“God gave Solomon very great wisdom and understanding, and knowledge as vast as the sands of the seashore. “

You can find that scripture in 1 Kings 4:29.


This just shows that Solomon was pretty darn smart! J The really really cool part is that God gives freely. Check it out:


“If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him.” James 1:5


So you have access to this wisdom just as much as the next person.


Even if you don’t believe in God, you look at these “self improvement” gurus, they all teach a variation of this.


But how much greater to get it form the source!


Uhhh, way better!! J


Ok, I think you get the point, back on track now…


Out of this place of understanding and wisdom, application comes into play, and transformation begins.


Because when you truly grasp something, it is revelation, or some call it an epiphany.


We come to comprehend the fact that APPLICATION of knowledge is wisdom.  We now also know that UNDERSTANDING is more than just head knowledge.


Remember, we want to get all that knowledge into the core of our being which takes some effort.



This takes renewing your mind, AKA meditation, EVERY DAY!


You start your day off with a shower right?


Well at least I do, once a week. J


 You must also start your day by showering your mind and heart with pure TRUTH!


I have 3x5 cards with truth principles about who I am that I repeat throughout the day so that it goes deep into my soul.


If your soul makes up the emotions, feelings, and attitude, then... as it prospers, your whole life will prosper.


This is why the Apostle writes in 3 John 1:2,


“Beloved, I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health, EVEN as your soul prospers”


Notice the word even.  This shows that it starts in your SOUL!


BOOM! There it is.  Some truth for you to chew on. 


So all in all,


Refresh your mind daily with positivity, truth, love, and faith so that it may find its way into your heart and you will create a new operating system that has no viruses. J


You are a child of God and you have the right to be healthy, fit, confident and strong! So go and use this principle to gain understanding of why YOU want to be FIT or for any other concepts you need to understand.




What are some things you have had “revelation” on in your life?  What are some thoughts or suppositions that when you really UNDERSTOOD it, changed your life?

I would LOVE to hear what you have to say so leave a comment below. J

See ya soon!


Adam `



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