Ministry Request


Kaylee and Adam love to minister in the heart of the father, releasing HIs unconditional love.  They follow the leading of the spirit and love to flow in the prophetic, healing, and impartation.  They have a heart to see the church walk in its true identity as sons and daughters, living naturally supernatural.   

They both attended Bethel's school of supernatural ministry for three years.  Right now they are living in southern California. 


Life Messages:



Living as beloved children of God is the absolute foundation to a healthy life in God.  When we know who we are we don't have to strive and perform for what we already have in Christ.  Unconditional love, acceptance, and significance is a gift from God and not something to be hustled for.   Knowing your identity sets you free to be the most authentic version of yourself!


Naturally Supernatural: 

Miracles, signs, and wonders are a normal part of christianity when you know who you are.  Its not another way to perform for Gods approval or favor.  It is simply an overflow from having an intimate relationship with Holy Spirit.  Prophetic words, healing, and miracles are effortless because it comes out of relationship, not some formula.  



Gal 5:1 says that Christ set us free to be free.  One of the primary missions of Jesus was to set us free.  Free from religion, shame, guilt, sin, and condemnation.  Freedom is a result of the holy spirits work in ones life.  When the world tastes of the freedom on your life and not the religion, they will want the one you serve!



So many wait on God to fulfill their prophetic potential.  Clearly Jesus has empowered us to be good stewards and increase what is in front of us.  So often we wait on the sidelines of life hoping something awesome will happen instead of using the gifts and talents God has given you to make a difference in this world.