4 Ways To Have Daily Success

daily success
daily success

Deep in each and every one of us lies the desire to be successful. We were never created for mediocrity.

But look around today; most of us are living on autopilot. Stuck at a job we don’t like, overweight and out of shape, and simply dead on the inside. We don’t feel the passion for life we once had.

If you are reading this then I know you are someone that has refused to settle for less. You know there is abundant life available to all, and you have decided to partake.

I continually love to learn about success.  What it is, what it means, and how to have it...

Not one day when I am a millionaire, or one day when I'm this or that.  I desire to learn how to have success each and every day. This blog post is a result of my quest for daily success.  Its not a definitive list or formula, just what has helped me on my journey.

So here are 4 ways to cultivate daily success:

  1. Make the game winnable

Life is a game, and every game is clear on what it means to win. Every athlete plays to win. Yes they may be satisfied if they give their all but they still strive to win.   If its football, the team with the most points win.

So it is with life, if we aren’t clear on what it looks like to win each day then we will end up feeling unfulfilled, confused, and like we didn’t do enough.

For so long I was like a rabbit chasing the proverbial carrot. I never took the time to evaluate what success meant to me. I simply thought it was having more money.   That was a game that was not winnable. There is always more money to be had so it did not have a clearly defined outcome.

In order to make the game winnable you must deal with the cards you have been dealt.

If your not very athletic it doesn’t make much sense to make, becoming an NFL star, your desired outcome. It’s not realistic. I don’t believe you can be whatever you want to be. You have a specific body type, skills, and passions that you get to work with.

Desiring to be like someone else only comes from not loving who you are.

So you must come to terms with what you have been given in life and go from there.  As you do, you will feel a freedom like never before!

If you are a mother of 6 kids and your desire is to be the CEO of a multinational corporation then you will constantly be disappointed. I am not saying its impossible, but if your definition of success is to be super successful in business then you are defining the game in such a difficult way.

On the other hand, if success is to be the best mother on the planet, you will be so much more fulfilled in life because you have made the game winnable. It’s within your power to be the best mom in the world!

  1. Success looks different in every season

One of my hearts desires is to be a, “master of the seasons.”   To flow with the grace of God. I really don’t want to be focusing on something that His grace isn’t on.

I remember when we were planning our wedding.  I was trying to build our business at the same time. I was stressed out and disappointed because I didn't have the energy and focus needed to build a business.

I heard The Lord say, “Now is not the time to focus on your business.” I felt a weight lift off me. For I gave myself permission to not focus on what God wasn't focused on.

I aligned myself with His grace and focused on the wedding.  Each day I was more and more satisfied since I wasn't wearing myself thin.

Ask The Father what kind of season you are in and where He wants you to put your focus. Life will be that much more fulfilling and productive when you do.

Here is a great verse to meditate on from Ecclesiastes 3. The whole chapter is great and I highly recommend reading it!

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens:

    a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot,    a time to kill and a time to heal, a time to tear down and a time to build,    a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance,”

  1. Success is progress and growth

In my generation we want everything now. We live in a microwave society where we have a lack of patience and an abundance of entitlement.

When we have a question we can easily get an answer on the internet. We don’t have to wait.

When we apply this mindset to our goals, dreams, and destinies we end up continually discouraged and disillusioned.

For example, I knew I was called to preach the gospel to the nations because God told me. I thought in a year or so I would be ready to walk this out.

Boy was I foolish! I laugh at myself now because I understand premature success will destroy you! There is a process we must all go through where we are tested and tried. Where we are molded and shaped into the person we need to be in order to sustain the glory of our destinies.

Most of our life is lived not at the destination, but on the journey.  So if I set up the game where success is only when I have arrived, then I will be continually disappointed.


If I make progress the goal, then I can win that game. I can take a little step each day towards my destination. 

If your goal is losing weight, be satisfied with taking one step toward your goal each day. Maybe that’s going for a walk, eating one healthy meal, refusing the sugary cookie, or hitting the gym.

Do this and you will be surprised at how quickly momentum will build!

  1. Have a time of intentional reflection.

“Experience is only a great teacher if you take the time to pause and reflect on it. Otherwise you take the test but the lesson never comes.” John Maxwell

Most of us never take the time to slow down and evaluate our actions, beliefs, or behaviors. We live in a constant state of crisis, putting out fire after fire. In that state of mind we are slaves to our circumstances. We let life happen to us instead of happening to life.

Busyness is the enemy to a successful life!

Just because you’re always doing something doesn’t mean your actually growing.

The solution is slowing down and taking the much-needed time to think and reflect.

This is so very true with mindless eating. You may find yourself eating when your not even hungry only to realize you never really made a conscious decision to eat.

Evaluate why you behave this way. What underlying beliefs are controlling you? What circumstances triggered you to eat when you weren’t hungry?

You can also apply this to any area of life. Just get curious!

At the end of your day simply begin to ponder what happened, why you did what you did, and the experiences you had.

As you take the time to unpack and process the events of the day, you will begin to learn and grow.

Not only that but you will be so much more grateful. You will be able to focus on all the wonderful things that happened and really FEEL it deeply.

For example, yesterday I had the most wonderful Christmas. My wife and I are on the road and are away from family. But our friends surprised us with so many thoughtful gifts and made it so special for us. We certainly were not expecting that!

In the moment I didn’t really get to feel the weight of what happened, so later that night I spent a half hour thinking about what happened. It was in the stillness of the night where I just walked around the backyard thanking God for everything that happened. My heart overflowed with gratitude and I began to just shed tears of joy as I sat in awe of the goodness of God!!

I hope this encouraged you that you can live each day fulfilled and satisfied.

Your turn! What are some ways you can cultivate daily success?