It's Easier Than We Think

As the pastor continued to share what was on his heart, I could feel the pull of what he was saying. I sat there envisioning myself alone in my room, hands raised, getting so filled up with God’s love. I said to myself, I could be more intentional about making time to wait upon the lord so that I too could live from the overflow.



It was a simple message that Sunday, one that I am sure I had heard many times before, but there was power on what he said, and my heart stirred to follow his words.


The next morning, I did exactly that. With my worship music playing, bible laid open, and pen in hand to journal what I felt the Lord saying... I was ready to truly respond to what I had heard the pastor say. But something funny happened... I couldn't seem to sit still! It really didn’t make sense to me. So, I did what only made sense and tried all the things I knew to do to connect with the Lord. I read the book of psalms, I sang along with the worship music playing, I sat, I stood, I raised my hands, I journaled, I thought over the scriptures I was reading.


And yes, all of that was good. All of these are all wonderful christian disciplines that grow us spiritually. They feed our souls with truth and the love of God. But all these things just weren’t working like they “should.” There was a disconnect between what I was doing, and what was going on in my heart.


Really, I didn’t want to be inside at all. I had been in a car just a few days before for 12 hours. I had done more sitting than I would like to do in a week already, I had been inside more than was at all comfortable, and to top it off, the sun was shining gloriously outside. The truth was, I had a ton of things on my mind that I was excited to think about and get done.


Granted, I know there are times when it is appropriate to continue to quiet our hearts before the Lord and push away all the clutter of the day and thoughts racing through our heads, this just wasn’t what I decided to do.


I figured since it just wasn’t working inside, instead of getting frustrated with myself (maybe I was 10% already there!) I would go for a walk outside.


Strolling down the road, feeling the warm sunshine kiss my skin, I sighed. Oh how I loved being outdoors. As I walked, I had a dialogue with the Lord, telling him that I felt distracted, or was wondering about this or that, what He had for us next, and that’s when I heard Him... Oh how I love to hear Him!


There is truly nothing sweeter in this world then to hear His whisper and sense Him walking next to you!

This is what He said, “Kaylee, connecting with me doesn’t mean you have to sit in your bedroom and pray for an hour. I love to talk to you about what is on your heart. Living from the overflow (like the pastor was talking about) simply looks like you slowing down enough to hear me throughout the day.”


My mind wandered as I remembered the night before...


I was in a hurry to get dinner done and had to grab an onion out of the car. I rushed to the car and just before I got there I heard the Lord whisper, “just slow down a little.” Not in a harsh “you’re doing bad” way, but in the most tender and loving “I want you to have peace, and getting dinner done five minutes faster isn’t worth you losing that peace” kind of way. I felt so loved in that moment. I exhaled as the business and need to rush began to subside. As I walked back toward the house, directly in my path was a hummingbird fluttering there a few feet in front of me.


Hummingbirds have been a constant sign to me from the Lord and whenever I see them, I am reminded of His goodness!


So, back to my story of my walk... I realized all over again, as I continued to walk down the neighborhood, that He loves to speak to us in so many different ways.


“Overflow,” is from a position in our hearts and not necessarily what we do.


It’s acknowledging him. It’s being aware of Him throughout the day.


It’s doing daily tasks just a little bit slower so that we don’t stress ourselves out, and become so focused on what is in front of us that we fail to realize He is right there with us.


It’s taking a short walk, or driving to work, and hearing him whisper to our hearts that He cares.


It’s making dinner for our families, or serving at our jobs with joy and thanksgiving in our hearts that we get to serve, as we feel overwhelmed by the love of God in our hearts.








CHOOSING TO BELIEVE THE BEST about others and our circumstances.


I hope this blesses you at it has me!


Live Well,

Kaylee Luckey