1 Week Food Diary

Hey Guys!

I stumbled across this food diary for a week of my meals last year. While we were on the road for our RV Trip, it was one of the healthiest seasons I have had! I felt amazing, lost weight, and loved eating the majority of my foods plant-based

If you're anything like me, then you will love seeing how and what other people eat on a daily basis.

This is pretty close to what mine and Adam's diet looks like (when I'm not pregnant haha)!

Hope you enjoy!


Food Diary:



Breakfast - coffee w/ soy creamer

oatmeal w/cinnamon, walnuts, raisins, almond milk, and flax seed

Snack -green smoothie w/ spinach, banana, almond milk, frozen fruit

Lunch -brown rice bowl w/ beans and veggies

Snack- larabar (nuts and dates), apple slices, starbucks soy latte

Dinner- quinoa pasta w/ vegan pasta sauce and brussel sprouts

Snack- ezekiel toast w/ almond butter and honey




Breakfast- oatmeal w/ raw cacao, banana, almond milk, and flax seed

Snack- apple w/ almond butter,

Lunch- green smoothie, stir fry (tsp oil) veggies and tofu w/ white rice

Snack- chips and salsa

Dinner- vegan pizza w/ whole wheat dough, cashew sauce, veggies

Snack- larabar

These were my dessert!!!

These were my dessert!!!




Breakfast- coffee w/ soy creamer, oatmeal pancakes w/ almond butter and pure maple syrup

Snack- green smoothie

Lunch- leftover vegan pizza

Snack- nuts

Dinner- baked potatoes w/ avocado and salsa

Snack- oranges and banana slices, toast with almond butter



Breakfast- coffee w/ soy creamer, oatmeal pancakes w/ almond butter and pure maple

Snack- green smoothie

Lunch- rice and bean wrap w/ hot sauce, veggies and ezekiel tortilla

Snack- apple and nuts

Dinner- Spicy Chik-fila sandwich with french fries

Snack- larabar

Lets be honest, we were on the road... not every meal is perfect! 

Lets be honest, we were on the road... not every meal is perfect! 



Breakfast- coffee w/ soy creamer, oatmeal w/ raisins, nuts, almond milk and flax seed

Snack- green smoothie

Lunch- tofu and veggie scramble, white rice

Snack- chips and salsa

Dinner- quinoa enchiladas

Snack- toast w/ almond butter and honey

These were a favorite for sure! 

These were a favorite for sure! 



Breakfast- coffee w/ soy creamer, oatmeal pancakes w/ almond butter and pure maple

Snack- apple, green juice

Lunch- leftover enchiladas

Snack- trail mix, raw cashews

Dinner- leftover tofu scramble, white rice and beans

Snack- larabar

This is just cute! But, we loved our coffee on the road!

This is just cute! But, we loved our coffee on the road!



Breakfast- banana and oatmeal

Snack- green smoothie

Lunch- vegan Greek burrito (frozen)

Snack- ezekiel toast w/ avocado

Dinner- quinoa pasta w/ steamed broccoli

Snack- raw cashews, dried fruit

These were a go-to snack all the time! Especially for Adam, his favorite for sure!

These were a go-to snack all the time! Especially for Adam, his favorite for sure!


Live Well,

Kaylee Luckey

Practicing Self-Kindness

Okay, so I am five months pregnant, and it has honestly been a pretty easy pregnancy this far. I did have the first trimester nausea, and slept all the time, but that's not so bad.

The most challenging part of my pregnancy has been the lack of energy that I’ve had. I am seriously tired A LOT. I mean A LOT of the time.


I have good hours, even a few at a time where I can be productive, clean the house, do something creative, enjoy a good conversation on the phone with a friend. But I find that I crash afterwards. Come three o'clock, or so, I feel the need to lay in bed for the remainder of the day.


I keep going back and forth between, “being kind to myself” and letting my body have the rest that it needs. And the other side of, “pushing through,” not being lazy, and choosing to work-out even when it is the last thing that I want to do.


I really don’t think I’ve found the best balance... Balance? Who really knows?
I don’t know! I have never been pregnant before!

Some ladies I’ve talked to  worked 40 hours a week up until a few weeks before they delivered, and here I am having a hard time working out and then getting a few hours of other things done throughout the day. I know they say every woman is different. But I sure feel like a novice when it comes to this whole being pregnant thing.


Not only has my lack of energy caused conflicts in my capacity for connection, but it has personally been a struggle to not feel upset with myself.


I get so frustrated when I have a list of things that I would like to get done for the day, hit the ground running and ready to go get after it, only to crash out on the couch an hour later feeling like a train hit me.

A lot like this guy looks!

A lot like this guy looks!


My husband had a dream the other night about me, he said  I was writing all these things in my calendar to do, and he turned to me and said, “It’s a lot easier to write all those things down than it is to do them.”


Funny huh? I wonder, is there a balance when you’re pregnant? Heck, I don’t even know if there is a balance when you aren’t!


What I do know, is that being kind to myself, having grace for how I feel, and most importantly, valuing that my body is creating a child all day long, is a great place to start.


I write this post to be real...


But i also write it to the busy mom who never feels like she has gotten enough done with her day,


The pastor who always wishes he had more time for ministry and his family,


The college student who works full time while doing full time school.


I write this to the tired, the busy, and the exhausted.


REMEMBER TO BE KIND TO YOURSELF. You only have one body, one heart, one soul, one mind. If you don’t value and take care of yourself, you're going to burn out and not be able to do any of it anyways.


Give yourself a break...

Lay on the couch...

Take a nap...



Not because you are lazy, but because you are incredibly hard working!

Because you love yourself enough to kick out the voice of, “you haven't gotten enough done today” and let your body and heart recharge for a bit.


Live Well,

Kaylee Luckey


2 Keys to Overcoming Unhealthy Emotional Eating

Addictions occur when you seek to fill an emptiness inside you with something outside you.
— Karen Salmansohn

Let me start out by saying this, I’ve never struggled with being overweight but I have wrestled with the same demons that cause these kinds of issues.  Its more important to recognize the root because symptoms can vary.   

Unhealthy emotional eating has its roots in self hatred, lack of self awareness, and shame.  The symptoms may be weight gain but not always.   

So heres a bit of my journey with this problem...


I was the guy that “NEEDED” some sort of candy or ice cream around the house just in case I had a rough day.   I could easily smash a whole pint of cookie dough ice cream in the parking lot of the grocery store when I felt down.  I was your typical "emotional eater"       


Now I would love to say I never do this anymore but that would be a lie.  I would love to have the perfect transformation story where I now have all the answers but I don't...  Truth is from time to time I still revert back to my old ways. 




Those days are far and few between.  I am a lot more free than I used to be and thats progress!



So here are a few key things that have helped me overcome this cycle of stuffing emotions.  




1.  Self Awareness and acceptance. 


Simply realizing what I was doing was enough to prevent a full blown binge fest.   When I got into a disagreement with my wife and my feelings were hurt, instead of instantly going to food I would talk to myself… “Adam, your feelings are hurt and thats ok.”  When I began accepting the “negative” emotions the craziest thing happened.  


They began to subside. 


We get into trouble when do not identify WHY we are feeling a certain way.   I used to be so afraid of negative emotions like shame, hurt, disappointment… that I just ignored them and pretended they weren’t there. 

Nevertheless, they were their in the darkness killing my soul.   


But when we identify WHY we are feeling the way we are feeling than the healing process can begin.  I was so disconnected from my heart that I couldn't put my finger on certain emotions which left me feeling powerless.  


I began to learn how listen to my heart and realize, "oh thats disappointment... or thats shame I'm feeling... or I feel rejected.


Something powerful happens when we validate ourselves. Shame likes to tell us we SHOULDN’T feel these negative emotions and that keeps us in bondage.


But I found that identifying these emotions and then accepting myself in the midst of it all, eases the pain and thus leads me away from the cookie dough nightmare.  


2.  Vulnerability


Ehhh, I hate this.  Its so uncomfortable yet so necessary.  


The times where I am shut down and choosing not to open up are my darkest times. 


But when I begin to honor my heart by validating the emotions I am feeling I muster up the courage to be vulnerable. 


To me vulnerability is being honest with whats going on inside.


I usually start by being vulnerable with myself and with God.  


If something someone said to me bothered me and I am ruminating over it I realize that yes, in fact, I am not as impenetrable as I thought.  Once again, I must acknowledge my weakness and it humbles me.  It brings me back to that place of dependence on Gods healing touch.   


Yea it may feel like the last thing you wanna do when your hurting buts this is where character is built.   Doing the right thing when we don’t feel like it.  Opening up when all you wanna do is run away!   


Trust me, its worth it.  My marriage prospers when I chose vulnerability… My soul prospers when I choose vulnerability… Everything is better after going through the pain of vulnerability.  



So be courageous and face your fears of rejection.  You will realize that you are still loved even in the midst of your weakness, your faults, your mistakes.  And that my friends, is one of the best feelings in the world.



I hope this helps you on your journey of freedom.  I know that these two things have helped me process my emotions in a healthy way vs stuffing them.   Because when we stuff emotions the pain is still there and we don't like pain.  We will turn to whatever we know eases the pain.  So chose vulnerability and you will discover a deep freedom in your life with food!




Religion Kills Relationship

I wanted to take some time to explain my conviction on enjoying life. That God actually does things for us, because He loves us, and because He is just that good!


It is only through this lense of God’s goodness and understanding His desire for us to have and enjoy our lives, this paradigm of relationship, that I believe we should view the rest of the Christian walk.


He is FIRST a loving Father.


It took the church a long time to get to a common belief that “pleasures” are good, from God, and to be enjoyed. Jesus himself said that He came to give us “Life and life more abundantly.” (John 10:10.)


Paul talks about rules based on “human traditions” in colossians 2:22 “which have to do with things that are all destined to perish with use”. And in verse 23 that,  “These rules may seem wise because they require strong devotion, religious self-denial, and severe bodily discipline. But they provide no help in conquering a person's evil desires.”


I love how he states it, basically saying that extreme discipline, self-denial, and not allowing yourself to enjoy life does not provide you the power to conquer evil desires, or really make you any closer to God.


I appreciated that he refers to these rules as based on, “human traditions” instead of rules based on “exactly the way God wants it to be for us.”


Religion demands that we follow all the rules without ever falling in love.


Religion says, “get it together, clean yourself up and then come to God.”


While God comes to us, overtakes us in His love, mercy, kindness and grace... Shows us what He has in store for us, the good plans, and the things he created us to enjoy...


and then invites us into relationship with Him before we ever have it “all together.”


There are things that I really enjoy, netflix, ice cream, a starbucks coffee, spending time with loved ones, going on adventures! A lot of these things are very beautiful experiences that the Lord has given us to be enjoyed!


There was a time when I use to believe that it was a waste of time to do anything that wasn’t “spiritual or saving souls.”


I remember the day the Lord spoke to me and asked, “When will you let yourself be as free as I paid for you to be?”


Another time He spoke to me saying, “What if I just did all this for you to enjoy it?”


I don’t know if humanity will ever, fully be able to understand this side of the Lord.


This place in His nature where, He does things simply for pleasure, for the sake of being enjoyed!


         God’s delight in His creation cannot be ignored!


When you look at things like little babies, puppies, flowers, sunsets, oceans, and the vast array of all the different landscapes, climates, and seasons. It is easy to become fully convinced that,


           He wants us to enjoy all this as much as He does.


In proverbs, we see that the holy spirit (wisdom) was there at God’s side while we was creating the Earth, and He was rejoicing (frolicking)... the word actually means “playing,” and delighting in the sons of man. (Proverbs 8)


It is my hearts passion that God’s sons and daughters would fully know His pleasure and delight in them! That we would be a people set free from religion, performance, and fear, completely confident in who our Father is, in His Goodness, and in His heart for us to live life to the full!


Live Well,

Kaylee Luckey


3 Reasons Why You Must Journal

Journaling? Really?


“Isn’t that what teenage girls do who have crushes on boys? Or overly emotional people in those super dramatic movies?”


Haha, well kinda, but not just them!


There are a TON of stigmas when it comes to journaling!



People think...


 It’s too hard to write...


It takes too long...


They don’t know what they’d write down...


Someone might read it...


Or maybe the scariest one, that something will come out they were pretending wasn’t there!


With all these “cons” dancing around in our thoughts, it can make it challenging to play the tune of “how can journaling help me?” and take that thought to the ballroom floor.


Absolutely, HANDS DOWN! Journaling has been one of THE most powerful, effective, and life-changing disciplines for me personally, as well as countless others.



Journaling has...


1. Helped my self-awareness and understanding of what is actually going on inside of  me...


Journaling gives a chance to get out all the “crap,” the frustrating thoughts that just stick in your head all day. The disappointment of feeling sick, missing a special occasion, the defeat of not making the team or the job, the excitement, fear, and book of emotions that come with finding out you’re pregnant!


It is a place where you can say whatever you need, even if once you get it out-- you realize it wasn’t even true in the first place.


There is no judgement, no expectation, and no one to please. Just you and a blank sheet of paper, asking you “How are you doing? What’s going on? Really going on? And What do you need?”


2. Increased my discipline and success with goal setting...


Journaling creates space to dream, to set goals, to sit quietly and actually think through what you are doing and why... how you spend your time, if you are reaching your goals, if you are headed in the direction that you want. It’s a chance to see “Oh, I haven’t gone to the gym because I watched Netflix for 3 hours every night and then slept in, instead of getting up an hour early.”


It facilitates working through roadblocks, self-sabotaging thoughts, insecurities, and bad beliefs that will try to keep us all small.


There is something about honestly writing down, and saying, “I’m afraid I’m going to fail” that brings freedom and liberty to move forward!


3. Been irreplaceable in helping me discover my dreams, passions, desires, and heart-cries...


Sometimes, you really just don’t know what the heck you want!



Actually, A LOT OF THE TIME! If you’re like me, it can be a STRUGGLE to figure it out! Especially so, if you have had people telling you what to do, or what to believe, or how you should feel for most of your life!


There is a Beautiful process of self-discovery that you get to enjoy with yourself and the Lord! This process can take work, sitting and listening, reflection, hard questions and not always having the answers. So many times you can just feel stuck, and wonder “Will I ever figure out what I love?”


Don’t worry you will!


And I can assure you, journaling and asking yourself those questions, sitting and listening to what you hear, having the COURAGE to write it down and BELIEVE it is possible, and that you have what it takes is LIFE-CHANGING!


I hope this encourages you to start journaling! To write, to sit, to think, and contemplate, and ask yourself questions! Believe me, you won’t regret it!


Live Well,

Kaylee Luckey


2016 Reflections & Looking Forward...

Well hey there!


Glad you stopped by! Below I have some questions to help you think and reflect through your year! Feel free to add more and take some time to really answer the questions honestly and with thought!


How was 2016 for you?


What made it that way?


What would you change?


Were there areas that you wanted to see growth or progress but didn’t?


What are the places where you are extremely proud of yourself?


Did you start a new job? Make a risky move? Overcome a hardship and come out with hope? Maybe you chose peace in the midst of a crazy year? These are ALL things worth CELEBRATING!


Years are never perfect. Obviously, a lot of life is out of our control. It is how we choose to respond to the trials and events of life, the good and bad, that we can control.


New year's resolutions work for some people. I’ve done my share, and actually done well at some too! Though, this post is not a “new year’s resolution post.”


Rather, this post is an invitation to sit with yourself, to reflect, to think through your life, your actions, choices, responses, and attitudes. It is an opportunity to invite the Lord to speak to you about who He has made you to be, and the areas where He wants to bring you deeper into love and freedom.


I invite you, encourage you, whether with these questions or ones of your own. Sit down, take some time and ask yourself challenging questions. Dig deep, think through your year, what would you like 2017 to look like?


Here are some dares I have for you for 2017.


In 2017 I dare you to...


  1. Have more hope for your life than you had in 2016

  2. Dream bigger (write down a list!)

  3. Ask God to reveal Himself to you in new and box-breaking ways

  4. Make a list of intentional relationships to pursue, and keep pursuing

  5. Brainstorm how you can give to others more

  6. Go after one area of freedom and breakthrough that you tend to avoid or are afraid of failing at


These are just a few! I’m sure you can think of lots more! Go ahead, explore! There are no limits to what you can dream, think, achieve, or go after. 2017 is a whole new year!


Live Well,

Kaylee Luckey

God Wants To Give You The Desires Of Your Heart

Delight yourself in the lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.
— Psalms 37:4



Throughout my walk with the lord, I have continually been overwhelmed by how personal he is, how much he cares about me, and how faithful he is with my heart. 


Every time I start to think it's about what I can do for him, he lovingly reminds me that I am first a daughter.


When I try to figure things out, or should I say when I "freak out" because I am out of control and I want to know what's going on, what He is doing, and what the plan is.... He is always so tender toward me. He will remind me to trust him, He will reassure me that He cares, and that I can trust him with my desires.


I remember at different times throughout our relationship, He would say things to me that would completely catch me off guard...


While I thought I needed to scrimp and save and pinch every penny to be able to go back to school, He would speak to my heart and say, "Kaylee I have an abundance for you, I am your provider, I am your father."


When I thought it was up to me to stay in my room and pray three hours a day so the world would be saved, He would invite me on a walk with him, or tell me he wanted to surprised me! (We went shopping lol).


During the times when I would give into insecurity and start to believe that He was disappointed with me, He would speak to me, "Kaylee I don't know what you're talking about. I love you. I'm not upset. I just want to hold you."


Even during my wedding while we were stressing out and trying to believe him for a miracle (trying haha) He spoke to my heart saying, "If it matters to you, it matters to me. I'm going to give you what you want! You are my daughter and I love to spoil you! What do you want?"


So many times He has asked me that question, "what do you want?" And every time it throughs me for a loop. How could the God of the universe be so concerned, so attentive, so aware of ME? 


I still don't really get it. He's got so much going on right? And yet He has the ability to be intimate, close, near, and present with each one of his children... all while making us all feel like his favorite!!


I know I'll never really understand His love for me, but the more I get to know Him, the more I realize He loves to get to know me. Just like I care what is in His heart, He cares what is in mine! He is so personal! So near! So intentional with his love!


He is the best listener, the only true comforter, and super fun and playful! I swear He loves to surprise us more than we will ever know!


This verse, "Delight yourself in the lord and He will give you the desires of your heart." Has been one of my life verses. He constantly brings me back to it!


Just delight. He knows what you need. He knows what you want, what you desire! For me it was going to Africa, getting married, and now a baby! (And a ton more)... He is the one who puts those desires in your heart in the first place!!!


Go ahead, ask him! Ask him how much he cares!


Live Well,

Kaylee Luckey